Thursday, October 23, 2014

Scale of Attractiveness PT.2

                     Hello and welcome to another edition of Me Talking. Let us continue from where we left off yesterday, shall we? Unfortunately, due to my brother’s issues right now, he will not be able to join us for the second part of the Scale of Ratings. With that being said, I still have to give credit to the little ranger, so his Twitter will be linked below. Now, where were we? Ah yes, I believe we were talking about the lower 30 %. Now, once again, this was not meant to call anyone out. This is really the opinion of me and my brother, so if you feel like part 1 was offensive or extremely judgmental, don’t read this part because it will be like that. I apologize, but this is the last I will be speaking of this topic for a pretty long time. Now, ON WITH THE BLOG!
        The Lower 30%
    This section is a rather difficult section to define. This 30% is those who have several flaws, but have certain issues, whether it’s in their way of approaching people in a way people may not find “attractive” (whatever their definition of attraction may be), or their personality in the first place. Those in this category will range to the borderline, which would be the average-ugly range.  People in this section are usually shy, and they try to blend into their surroundings. They tend to blend well with the crowd because the majority of people are in this category, along with the upper 30%.
        The 20%
   The people in this category may have a great personality, but they may just not be the “type” of many people. Usually these people are great, but many people don’t find them attractive. Many find it bogus to be in this category, but it just means you have a strong personality.
        The 5%
   Unfortunately, like how there are nice people in this world, there are just as many jerks. These people go under the 5%. These people not only contain many physical flaws, they contain a personality that is just plain offensive towards other people. The people in this category are usually very arrogant, and they do not care what anyone says. They simply want to offend people whether that’s for attention. Not many are in this category, but there are some people out there, and they have to be stopped.

     NOTE: I know this may be repetitive, but everyone has to understand, THIS IS JUST 2 PEOPLE’S OPINIONS! I don’t want anyone to change their lifestyle simply because of this scale, you should want to change because YOU want to! With that being said, I am glad you enjoyed the read. I recently hit my 300th read from yesterday’s post. I can’t tell you guys how thankful I am. I mean, 300 people reading this and getting my perspective is a lot of people in such a short amount of time. I most likely will not post tomorrow due to it being Friday, but I promise I have a good lineup for you guys coming up so stay tuned. P.S I am going to edit my past posts after finding several errors in them, so that’s that.

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