Saturday, December 23, 2017


Another night passes, as does another soul.
Too many seconds that could have been,
But will never be.
The existence of optimism, and faith,
Are met by their match that is the eternity.
And I wonder,
What lies beyond the soil, and the air?
The promise of bliss, and tranquility?
Or the abyss?
I do not know,
We do not know,

Only the stars do.

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Dead Workmen Don’t Retire
By: Rodolfo Perez

We are the first of the last,
The forlorn workmen of a shunned generation.
We are the reason there is hate,
And the reason there is the love to hate.
We are the depressed,
The unfaithful,
The false witnesses,
And the stubborn.
Our skies are the Final frontier,
And we are The Cowboys.
But what are we to do, beyond wonder?
Are we to tame this seemingly untamable jungle of chaos?
Or are we to be simple slaves to the chaos, eventually adopting its ways?
We don’t know,
And We don’t wish to think of this for now.


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Take Me to the Seas

When I was invited to write for this blog, I did it because of my desire to connect with others. I felt like my life has been tied down by surface judgements which never really made a break to the depth of one’s true self. Drawn by the complexity of others, I hope to openly share that we all are complex humans. You might be reading this because you are drawn to me, almost like a moth in the darkness to a light……or maybe I annoyed you enough to be my friend.

Oddly, enough I share this as you sit online. You might be bored and grew tired of shared photos of nothing, yet you stopped to read this. If you talk to me in real life, I will smile and brush off what will be said here, so listen up.

Being introverted, makes socializing and talking hard. Social niceties and small talk are a drudgery. Balancing the right facial expressions and pitch tones of “hello” and “how are you” tire me down to the soul. In a world full of “I’m good”, I want to know what kept you up all night.

When I ask people about who they are, most people become suspicious. My curiosity either pushes or it pulls. Conversations go astray as I find out the truth. Without any words, they understand they can’t be just “good”. I think the best conversations I have ever had have been unsaid. Unaccustomed with a raw honesty and truth, I gently push. I love the world and understand I do not understand a lot, but I push for the truth.

The point of this entry is that there is realness in everything. Even if people say they are “good” or smile and laugh, there is always so much more. Hopefully, if you are still reading, I hope you’ll want to go to sea, even if there isn’t a guaranteed safe boat. We will never completely know each other but we have the option of listening to each other stories. Stay strong.

Signing off,