Thursday, November 27, 2014


                Thanksgiving, a time of thanks, some may say. I want every single one of you who is reading this to look at yourselves today. Try to be with your families. Do that and stop reading this post because you should be with them right now. Thank you

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Personal Story

                Hello everyone and welcome to Me Talking. Today, I have a rather personal story to share. Once, when I was about six. It was October and I was starting my year in 1st grade, and I did not have new shoes. It was around the time Fila’s were the hot item in the sneaker world. I had a pair of sketchers that I treasured for a good two years, but I missed something. I missed the idea of choice. Being able to choose between two or more options was my dream before. Back then it was a choice between shoes, right now it’s about our rights as a “free” people. Anyway, my brothers had the same idea when it came to shoes. The Fila’s were fricking sweet. My parents thought that they were not durable enough because they were suede and the autumn season was approaching which meant rain and snow. I knew this, ladies and gentlemen, but my parents rejecting my idea only strengthened my desire for these shoes. My birthday was coming up, and I hoped, prayed that I would be able to obtain said pair of kicks. I stayed on my best behavior for a while. My birthday came. I was given a present by my parents. It was a large box wrapped in orange and green paper. I held it, holding my breath. Through this thin layer of paper is either the best present I could get, or a bitter disappointment. I opened the box. NINJA TURTLES. CANDY. MONEY. I was surprised. So I didn’t get the shoes, but I got some toys that I had no idea where they were from. I never got into ninja turtles. The candy was good, and I spent the money (twenty) on some more candy. So, yeah, that’s one experience I can remember.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Oh No Christmas (not for the reason you are thinking of)

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of Me Talking where I, Rodolfo Perez, speak put to you, the reader in a way that some may find to be very vague. I just want to give you guys a quick little update on what will be happening for the next couple of weeks. As many of you noticed, I have not been posting as frequently as I usually do, and I explained earlier that this was due to the hefty amount of schoolwork that had to be done. For those of you who actually enjoy reading my blog, and don’t just go through it only to send me hate mail, I have some news that you may find to be most acceptable. I got the big projects out of the way, and I will be able to post now on my regular schedule. So, if you have been holding that breath of frustration that I know many of you have been over the last couple of weeks, you may let it out right now. Of course, the tests and projects will never stop coming, but we, as a united group of intellectuals, will get past it, do not worry. Now, today I wanted to talk a little bit about the upcoming holiday, and I’m not talking about Thanksgiving. Christmas is now a little more than a month away, and while I was out doing what I do, I saw it. The commercials have started. Don’t get me wrong, I get a little calmer when I celebrate the holidays with my family away from school, but Christmas has gotten so commercialized. Everywhere I went today I saw these ads talking about Christmas being shoved in my face. It got a little annoying. I remember last Christmas I went to the mall (The good one all my Joliet people) for some Christmas shopping. It was me, my big brother, his girlfriend, and my sister. I followed my brother into one of these teen clothing shops. These stores that appeal to teens (or at least try to) by making clothing based off of bands that are popular or movies that the average teen will find to be “cool”. We were looking for a t-shirt my sister wanted when we were approached by a sales woman. Now, my brother and I knew the shirt we wanted for my sister, but they seemed to be out of stock. This is the dialogue that occurred between my brother and the sales woman:
Sales: May I help you with something?
Brother: Yeah do you guys have any more of those (Brand shirt here)?
Sales: I’m sorry we do not, but maybe you would like it in another color?
Brother: No I needed that specific color. Do you think there will be mo-
Sales: We have a (other brand shirt) maybe your sibling would be interesting?
Brother: No we just-
Sales: We have a two for one sale on them so maybe she would like these instead?
Brother: No, I think we should get going.
Sales: Two for one guys. A Christmas sale only.
Brother: Look, are you guys going to be restocking the T-shirts or not?
Sales: No, but we’re having a sale on these T-shirts.

We left that place. We have not gone there since. While shopping today, we were approached with a similar situation with a woman talking about phone plans. Not as aggressive, but aggravating nonetheless. I must warn you. When shopping during the holiday season, BEWARE THE SALESPERSON. Besides that it just gets really annoying whenever I see the same commercials over and over again on television or while I am listening to the radio. I don’t mean to “kill the holiday spirit” as many say I have done in the past, but if your definition of a holiday spirit is commercialism and the constant bombardment of advertisements, I’m afraid it is too late for you. That’s my time. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I will be putting out a thanksgiving “special” for you guys, so look out for that. Besides that, I signed with Google AdSense so go me. Don’t forget to tell a friend. Have a great evening.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Before I begin todays post, I want to thank you. I had this idea when I first started this blog, and that was to create a base to which all those with ideals similar to my own would be able to recognize and add on. With that being said, if you want to give me any advice or want to write for this growing blog, just E-mail me and I can see what can be done to give this blog a good, long, life. Once again, thank you for sticking with this blog and reading every post. Now, ON WITH THE POST.

Food, to me, is truly a thing of beauty, and an object of mystery. We all eat it, and a lot of it tastes fricking good, but while most people will stop at that fact, I have a keen curiosity in this “food” we eat. When I was little, peanut butter sandwiches were my life. I didn’t eat them every day, but when I did, I would have a damn field day. I think that is why I’m not much of a jelly guy. Anyway about a year ago, I started to actually enjoy the foods I eat. Now, I don’t just eat the food, I will savor it. Part of that I owe to my mother and my father for cooking delicious meals almost every day I would come home from school or on the weekends, but I became interested in where the flavors came from as well as experiencing the smells and tastes that go into the meal consumed. I mean, I don’t consider myself to be an observant person, but whenever I have an interesting variety on my plate, I can’t help but wonder where these flavors came from and the time and effort needed to put this plate in front of me. There are so many flavors out there to mix and I really want to take advantage of having the opportunity to try out a lot of them. For any of you who don’t do this already, take the time to simply savor the flavors the next time you eat. Now, that goes for meals at actual restaurants because I know how hard it can be to distinguish the flavors of some processed food product from a fast food chain, but food was put on earth so that man could eat, and why would we have taste buds if not to taste the flavors of the world? Now if you will all excuse me, for I have to go have a meal with my family.

I know this creative post wasn’t as good as the first one, and I will continue to improve as I move on with these posts. Thank you for reading anyways.  


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

School, Consumer, and Censorship

                                                           PLAY THIS AS YOU READ:
                Hello everyone and welcome to Me Talking, As you all know I am in school right now (although today is veterans day so we got the day off). I go to a public school with a lot of people I don’t understand. I like to consider myself to be a rather creative person. Now, I’m not talking about those people who make simple things difficult, but rather I’m learning to recognize, create, and release to a degree I feel most comfortable with. With that being said, I have noticed that this school system, which has a uniform way of dealing with the curriculum, in a way kills creativity. Before we enter school, our minds are still exploring this new world in front of us, then we get thrown into a building for eight hours a day only to come home tired and frustrated. I understand in college where you’re not cooped up inside a building all day, but this modern education system drains you. I knew these “artists” in grade and middle school (really, they were just good at drawing, but creative nonetheless) that were just tired by the time they entered high school and all they really looked forward to in school was going home. No one is like me. No one wants to write on their own time. No one wants to learn outside of school. No one wants to create anymore, rather, they want everything done already. I think that’s one of the reasons why people blindly follow celebrities so much or they go with whatever media tell them. That’s what causes ignorance, and, to me at least, that is why the younger people of the United States have such materialistic views for the most part. And if someone, like me for example, wants to speak differently, I get censored. People don’t want to think anymore. All I’ve been seeing is five, ten topics being talked about quickly with basically no thought. I hate being disregarded as a crazy person simply because I may not be a raging consumerist like the people at my school or in my community. I’ll continue this later. I’m sure that you, the reader, thinks I’m crazy as well. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Grocery Shopping and Such

        I have to be honest with you people. I hate grocery stores. I stopped going to department stores for clothing and started shopping online since 2011. I hated the idea of going into a building surrounded by people I didn’t know just so I could get an article of clothing. The life was great, I was buying and wearing without the hassle. Then, I received responsibility. Specifically with the groceries. I know what most of you are thinking “They’re just groceries stop being a pansy”, but I have an issue with the idea of walking into a store to get a few items. Now, if they had online grocery shopping, I would be in heaven.

Monday, November 3, 2014

I Know You Guys Will Understand (UPDATE #5)

       Hello everyone, and welcome to a Monday edition of Me Talking. Today, I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on what is going on. Now, don’t think I’m giving up on you loyal readers out there, I just have a few things to say. I am in that part of the year where I am busy, extremely busy. Now, because I am so busy with school, projects etc. it gets increasingly difficult to balance it all out. I will not stop making content for you to enjoy, but I will be spacing out the next couple of posts for the coming weeks. I hate the fact that the posts will be coming in slow for the coming weeks but I have to think about my grades, and certain other things. Again, I am not abandoning you guys, just think of it like I am temporarily dead at the moment, and you guys have to mourn for a little while, but my ghost is still writing. You guys will understand because you guys are some pretty cool people for sticking with this blog. I still want you guys to tell a friend about this blog if you can, it would really help out a whole lot. Now, about this update. I have a project due this Thursday, I have a big unit test coming, and finals are just around the corner. Meanwhile, the writing has been improving and my English video is about done. Today is a Monday, and I am extremely tired from the day. Once again, I am so sorry ahead of time for not posting as much in the coming weeks. I hate to be inconsistent with these posts damn it! I will try to post on Wednesday for you guys if I get the opportunity, so be ready for that. I’m sorry for the short post, but I got to go. I know you guys understand because I’m sure you are all intellectual beings such as myself. Here’s to a long future with you guys!