Tuesday, July 19, 2022


*The following is a poem from "BLACK BOOK: Poems In a Contemporary Age" set to release January 2023*

Bygone Visions of a Fading Memory (Passion)

 By: Rodolfo Perez

Newfound promise

Love on the horizon

Waiting to be seated

Black shoes, black shirt modest


Black hair, glistening in the white lights

Quiet, listening to conversations around us

Olive pants, gold bracelet

Visons of the past and future surround us


Heart beating, fingers tapping

Clean cream plates, An Irish crème for me

Spilling jokes and drinks is my specialty

Dinner and a show, all for free?


Cracked sidewalks, turtleshell river

Talking traumas, recounting the night

With good company, there are no bad topics

Blue moonlight, leaning in, passion in our sights.


Lipstick cannot express the ideas we shared

Blaring out of our mouths

Bridgecrossers above unaware

The unspoken language of prospect


Two hearts, broken from many revolutions

Still find the moments,

Where the future is not some pale conclusion

And love is love again.