Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween is a Strong Word

                Happy Halloween everyone. If you don’t celebrate Halloween, then, happy Friday, and if it’s not Friday when you are reading this, I don’t know what to tell you. Anyway, I’m sorry this post is going to be so short. I just wanted to get a few things off my chest. As to the Q&A people keep asking for, it’s coming soon. I had quite an abnormal day today, and it wasn’t because of the holiday. It seemed as though I started the day strong, and it ended in a rather abrupt fashion. I didn’t do all I was planning on doing today, but I guess that is just the way the cookie crumbles. As to my fellow author France, he is still working on polishing his post which should be coming soon as well. I get confused whenever people say Halloween means free candy when in most cases it doesn’t mean so. When I went trick or treating, I saw my parents pend unnecessary amounts of gas to get a measly amount of sugary treats, I don’t see how these people don’t see that. Besides that, let’s be honest, in the past four or five years the quality of said sugary treats has gone down dramatically. I just don’t see a point in it anymore. Well, thanks for another week guys. Don’t forget to tell your friends about my blog, my info is below. Have a splendid weekend!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Recreational post #1: Poetry

                Hello. I want to talk about poetry. Most have this notion in their head that poetry has to be this amazing sonnet written with the complete scheme set out which is to attract the most attention possible with the reader. I don’t see it that way. People think poetry isn't for everyone, and to be honest, that statement is correct, but to say that such an art is idiotic or a waste of time is something that I, someone who takes part in the art of poetry, tend to go through these phases of emotions. The top three emotions I tend to feel are anger, frustration, and despondency. Throughout this rather brief post, I will be sharing these emotions with you, the reader. Enjoy!
                Anger is characterized as a feeling of strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, and hostility, and upon first hearing such comments as “poetry is stupid” or “it’s a waste of time” I feel this emotion. Now, I don’t mean I go 300 Fury on this person, as a matter a fact, I simply respect their opinions by not saying anything at all, but I have this feeling of rage that a person simply states such comments simply because they do not understand the concept. In my mind, there is a difference between stupidity and ignorance. In other words, the reason why the majority of the people don’t like poetry is because they don’t know what poetry stands for alone. I believe people don’t like it because they don’t understand it, even though they have the ability to understand. Poetry, to me, is the ability to recreate the emotions a human being can feel when a certain event happens to them. If someone breaks my heart (which will never happen) I will say, “I feel sad”, but the truth is sadness can never be expressed within one word. That’s why I believe poetry is an art that is still used today. Any emotion you can feel, sadness, anger, “love”, “happiness”, depression, can all be expressed in some form of poetry. Poetry provides an opportunity to get a rare glimpse into the life of the writer. I, have some works of poetry, and although my works get criticized heavily, there are people who are able to understand it. They may not get it, but they understand it.
                Aside from anger, another emotion that arises from comments made about the art that is poetry is the emotion of frustration. I have a rather short patience when it comes to explanations. I will try to explain my work and people will give me some of the weirdest answers imaginable. I understand that poetry is interpreted differently, but others are so stubborn and don’t want to hear others opinions on the work. I find myself frustrated because these people cannot understand the emotion that has to be put into poetry. For example, there is a poem by the name of No Second Troy by William Butler Yeats and it goes:
Why should I blame her that she filled my days?
With misery, or that she would of late
Have taught to ignorant men most violent ways,
Or hurled the little streets upon the great.
Had they but courage equal to desire?
What could have made her peaceful with a mind?
That nobleness made simple as a fire,
With beauty like a tightened bow, a kind
That is not natural in an age like this,
Being high and solitary and most stern?
Why, what could she have done, being what she is?
Was there another Troy for her to burn?
I will try to explain my opinion and people will simply take it too literally. There’s nothing I hate more than someone who doesn't want to learn or someone who does not want to listen, and with poetry I find myself the most impatient and that’s when I tend to get most unhinged.
                The last emotion I experience when facing an uneducated mind is the feeling of gloom. Not like the emotion where you cry and you begin to actually care for the individual, but the idea that you can’t do anything to save this person because of their inexperience which leads to their ignorance. It’s almost as if you are watching someone blindfolded run around, and you see they are about to crash into a wall, but there isn’t anything you can do about it because they turn out to be deaf. That is how I feel whenever someone tries to talk about poetry when they obviously don’t know anything. I’m not saying I’m some supreme lord that is the only individual who can speak about poetry, but before you want to talk about poetry, please study up on it, that’s all. I have yet to speak to anyone who is as fluent in their poetic knowledge as I am. And it SUCKS.
                To conclude this rather short recreational post, I want to remind all not to be discouraged by what was stated here today. I don’t want people who are barely getting interested in poetry to give up right away, rather, I am encouraging you to try to gain more knowledge and write some poetry yourselves. All the stuff I write is always put on the back corner for one reason or another, but maybe if more people decide to actually step up and get educated in this art no one has to have their art censored. I think that’s one of the ideas I fear the most. I fear the idea of these art forms that have been practiced for thousands of years not being used anymore. I don’t want art to die, rather, I want it to live on, and I hope all of you can understand the same.

Thank you for reading. See you Friday,

Rodolfo Perez

Monday, October 27, 2014

Today Feels Like A Monday (UPDATE #4)

          Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to a new Monday edition of Me Talking and before I start today’s topic, I have some rather important news. On Friday, October 24 this blog has made its first extension. I added a new author, by the name of France Mcnair. Now, I know what you all are probably thinking right now, “Rodolfo who the hell is this guy?” and you have the right to think that way if you want. The reason I chose France was because I saw his writing talent and I have to say, I was impressed. If anyone is actually interested in writing for this blog, feel free to contact me via E-MAIL so that we can keep in touch and hopefully, you can be talking soon! Anyway, I was watching YouTube videos yesterday. I have to say, I love the damn program. I mean you get to binge watch on just about anything that pops into your mind with the click of a mouse, or a tap of the phone. One thing that I noticed along with all these other educational channels on YouTube were the amount of what I call “Empty Channels”. Now, I consider myself to be more of a film kind of man, but there are actually people out there on the internet, getting paid to do idiotic things. For example, a friend of mine showed tried to show me this channel called extreme Olympics or something like that. Now these guys have subscribers, people who actually tune in every time to watch these men hurt themselves intentionally. I don’t call that “entertainment” ladies and gentlemen, I call that stupidity. At least watching film can be interpreted or playing a video game can create a bonding experience, but what can one get out of watching such graphic videos? I’m not forcing anyone to stop watching these videos, I am just stating my opinion on such topics. I mean, the same could be said about this blog, but I write because I want to really. The people who perform such acts wouldn't be doing that stuff if people didn't tune in to watch them. I feel like I’m getting too opinionated with these posts. I always get like this on Mondays specifically. I don’t know why. I wonder why Monday was made the scapegoat for all hate people can have towards a day of the week. Was there ever a point where everyone just got together and said “this is going to be the worst day of the week”? I mean, I had a damn good day today, but this day seemed like a rather large outlier compared to the amount of bad Mondays in my life. Maybe its school. Maybe it’s people. I don’t know, but it doesn't make sense that people hate a certain day of the week that’s all. Thursday, for me, has a specific feeling to it, so does Friday. But I assure you guys I have never had a specific feeling for Tuesday. I feel like I’m rambling, am I rambling? It might have been all the writing I did today. Oh well, I suppose I’ll talk about my personal life due to the e-mails I received. Today, everything seemed to run well for me. I was able to get some more work done. I had a rather fine day. I wish I could tell you all I feel, but it is difficult to express. I will be taking a day off tomorrow and I will give France a shot and I hope you guys will as well. With that being said, sorry for the rambling, I promise I will keep it more on topic next time. My info is down below, I’m hungry so I’m going to go eat an overpriced meal and enjoy it. Thank you guys for reading and have a good night!


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Intellectual Thoughts

            Hello everyone, how’s it going? I don’t necessarily know what “it” is that’s going on right now, but I think you guys can come up with your own interpretation to that statement. Welcome to another edition of Me Talking I just got done with another week, and guys, it’s awesome. We tripled our views and I have to say, I’m proud of you guys. I said to spread the word, and you guys did just that. I hope we can have many more productive weeks to come! Anyway, I realized something. Now, I realized this because over the course of a few years now, many people have told me this, but I guess yesterday was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak. Someone told me yesterday that I “hated everyone” and I was offended. If there is one thing I hate, is the fact that people put words in my mouth. I asked this person if I had ever made such a statement and she said no, so I told her to basically shut up. I mean, that’s someone basically calling me a cynical jackass, which I can say I am not. I wonder sometimes if there is anyone else who goes through something like this. I know it is bad to say you’re better than some people or you’re more civilized than some people at school, but I honestly don’t know why the school system would let some of the people I am surrounded by into the high school setting. Actually I do know it’s because it’s almost impossible to be held back because of certain programs such as summer school. I respect anyone who is trying their hardest and they just don’t get the material, but these people DON’T WANT to understand the material anymore. Some of these people miss two, three, some even four days a week. Yeah, there’s a rising graduation rate in my school, but it’s not the students raising the bar, it’s the school lowering the standards for graduation. That’s why I don’t take graduations as serious anymore. I remember when I graduated from Jr.high I thought it was a huge achievement, but when I found out it’s a fricking law to graduate Jr.high, I lost some of that sense. Now, looking at the idea of high school graduation and how tough it is to find a job in this modern world, it’s sort of impossible to get a decent job without a high school diploma. So when you think about it, these people HAVE to graduate and schools have to go to whatever lengths to make sure even the worst graduate. Now, if you have graduated, I don’t mean to take anything away from your achievement, I just have begun to see this trend between schools and the students. I have gotten to the point where it’s become more of a frustration than a nuisance you know? Or maybe I’m just going crazy because I focus too much on the little things! Anyway, that’s just what I thought the overlying topic should have been for today’s post. For anyone wondering what is actually going on in my life right now let me fill you in. I have had a pretty damn good week. As the semester is getting past that halfway point I have found myself in a pretty good spot in terms of my academic level. The goal is to simply not get off track too much and continue to do amazing. I have high expectations for this week. It’s awesome to see this blog gain strength so that WE can continue to grow as a group. Once again, thank you guys for a great week and I hope to see you guys and more in the weeks to come. My info is below. I will probably end up doing another Q&A maybe next Friday. I, unfortunately, have to go. I hope to see you guys Monday, and don’t forget to tell your friends! Have a good one.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Scale of Attractiveness PT.2

                     Hello and welcome to another edition of Me Talking. Let us continue from where we left off yesterday, shall we? Unfortunately, due to my brother’s issues right now, he will not be able to join us for the second part of the Scale of Ratings. With that being said, I still have to give credit to the little ranger, so his Twitter will be linked below. Now, where were we? Ah yes, I believe we were talking about the lower 30 %. Now, once again, this was not meant to call anyone out. This is really the opinion of me and my brother, so if you feel like part 1 was offensive or extremely judgmental, don’t read this part because it will be like that. I apologize, but this is the last I will be speaking of this topic for a pretty long time. Now, ON WITH THE BLOG!
        The Lower 30%
    This section is a rather difficult section to define. This 30% is those who have several flaws, but have certain issues, whether it’s in their way of approaching people in a way people may not find “attractive” (whatever their definition of attraction may be), or their personality in the first place. Those in this category will range to the borderline, which would be the average-ugly range.  People in this section are usually shy, and they try to blend into their surroundings. They tend to blend well with the crowd because the majority of people are in this category, along with the upper 30%.
        The 20%
   The people in this category may have a great personality, but they may just not be the “type” of many people. Usually these people are great, but many people don’t find them attractive. Many find it bogus to be in this category, but it just means you have a strong personality.
        The 5%
   Unfortunately, like how there are nice people in this world, there are just as many jerks. These people go under the 5%. These people not only contain many physical flaws, they contain a personality that is just plain offensive towards other people. The people in this category are usually very arrogant, and they do not care what anyone says. They simply want to offend people whether that’s for attention. Not many are in this category, but there are some people out there, and they have to be stopped.

     NOTE: I know this may be repetitive, but everyone has to understand, THIS IS JUST 2 PEOPLE’S OPINIONS! I don’t want anyone to change their lifestyle simply because of this scale, you should want to change because YOU want to! With that being said, I am glad you enjoyed the read. I recently hit my 300th read from yesterday’s post. I can’t tell you guys how thankful I am. I mean, 300 people reading this and getting my perspective is a lot of people in such a short amount of time. I most likely will not post tomorrow due to it being Friday, but I promise I have a good lineup for you guys coming up so stay tuned. P.S I am going to edit my past posts after finding several errors in them, so that’s that.

                                            SAM'S TWITTER:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rodolfo's Guide To Universal Ratings (ft. Grandfather Samuel) PT.1

    Hello and welcome to a Wednesday edition of Me Talking. Before I get into today's topic, I would like to explain today's milestone. Today marks the day I received my 200th view from an unknown account. First, I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my blog and hope everyone who has been reading can continue to read this blog and help it grow, now, I received this post view between 8 A.M and 9 A.M on October 20th, I know the exact time, and if someone tells me the time they visited via Twitter and/ or e-mail I will award them with a special prize. I am doing this as sort of a thank you and I received this idea from a fellow blogger, and I thought "hey, maybe I can do this" and I did it. Moving on, today, I have a topic that will apply not only to the men, or women alone, but to the whole reader community as a whole. I am not one to hold an opinion to myself for a very long period of time. One night, a while back, me and my brother (who likes to be called Grandfather Samuel, his twitter link is down below) came up with this idea that so many like to ponder on from time to time. This idea is the concept of attractiveness. Now, the scale is new, therefore it may contain some loopholes. THIS SCALE IS NOT MEANT TO OFFEND ANYONE THIS IS SIMPLY THE OPINION OF TWO PEOPLE! YOU DON'T HAVE TO AGREE WITH IT! There will be a part two most likely tomorrow. I got some help from my brother Samuel and his part will be posted as pt.2. Now, without further ado I hereby present......

                               Rodolfo's Guide to Universal Ratings
      The 5% (the elite)
        Let’s face it, in terms of physical appearance, some may be born with features that are loved more than hated. The people who are born into this realm are considered, naturally flawless. This level is very hard to be in because you have to be born into it in a way. Very few people are in this category. Usually, elites will date or become romantically involved with other elites and will rarely stray away. Fashion or monetary value does not matter when deciding who belongs to this category.

The 10% (the reachable)
       The idea of being able to be categorized as reachable all depends on the values society holds. One in this category may contain a single flaw that separates them from the elite. People put here often come from the upper 30% of people and will usually become romantically engaged with others in the 10% and possibly the upper 30%

Upper 30% (the average)

      One has to understand that being average applies to society's values. These people can basically go up or go down in the scale depending on their actions. The people in this category range from moderately attractive to borderline highly attractive. The people in this category usually hold the ability to become romantically engaged with anyone on the scale from the reachable to the bottom 5%. The majority of the people in this category tend to have several flaws, but don't let that get in the way of them of beating the boundaries society tries to set on these people. If someone is in this category, don't feel bad at all, it’s sort of a good thing.


Stay tuned for part 2!!!!!!


Monday, October 20, 2014


                Welcome to a Monday edition of Me Talking. If you're wondering why I didn't post yesterday, I announced it on my twitter account (which you can find at the bottom of this post) yesterday. I had the original intention to do a post on Sunday, but thought "what the hell" and decided to do some writing instead. So, if any of you were worried that I was dead or something, I'm here. Growing up, people have asked me for advice. Anything from love to financial situations, people have the tendencies to look at me for the answer. I recently was approached by a boy who was about my age, and he needed help with a girl. Now, this girl was rather fond of him, or at least he thought so, the only issue being SHE ALREADY HAD A BOYFRIEND. Me being one to stay with my own problems, I politely declined the offer, but he insisted. So, I gave him one piece of advice. I told him not to get involved, I told him this and he became infuriated with ME which was very funny. I mean, I'm not going to say I have this inescapable charm no woman could escape, but I consider myself to be a rather charming lad. With that being said, I know when to stay within my own boundaries. I know when not to make any advancements on a girl because X,Y, and Z reasons, but this guy just didn't understand. It was odd, seeing someone not be able to understand the concept of relationships. I guess that's why I decided to start this post on an Autumn day, Human beings, for the most part, should know what a limit is. I know what a limit is. I know when to stop taking and start giving, but I guess the question is are YOU willing to stop at the needs and leave the wants for when they are needed.
        Another thing I wanted to address was the concept of misconceptions. I will state and you can all quote me on this, that I have a different view on how society should run. What I don't like is when people try to agree with me, and they don't know what they are talking about. In school, most of the people in my classes are able to respect my opinion, but they do not want to try and see my view. I don't become angry at this, rather, I become saddened that they don't have the strength to try and understand, but that topic is for another day. Anyway, I was in one of my classes a while back, and there is a child who sits by me. Now, for the sake of privacy, I will be keeping the name of the class, and the name of the students involved, altered. Lets call the kid behind me Jack. Now, Jack just wants to fit in. I, being the only student who actually acknowledged his presence, was the one opening Jack saw to make a friend. (on a side note, why do people have a tendency to forcefully make friends in a new school, to those people I say, CALM THE HELL DOWN) Jack needed that opening badly, I mean, who knows when he will have another chance like that again. So, Jack, in his false confidence due to my acknowledgement of his presence, spoke to me. Someone in my class must have told Jack of my views, because the boy would only talk about my views, as if there was nothing else to do. In most cases, I embrace any individual who is genuinely curious in the same things I am, but, in all honesty, the boy didn't know jack! The boy was just spouting out anything that had anything to do with my views. To make this easier for you guys to understand, lets say I was a fan of The Beatles, and the person you are talking about is mentioning anything from the actual band, to the insect. That is how badly this person was in terms of his understanding of my views. I told the boy that frankly, he didn't know what the hell he was talking about. The only advice I have to the Jacks of the world is, if you don't know something, don't state, just question if you are genuinely intrigued; and if you have the same motives as Jack, I really hope we don't meet in real life.
        That's the last topic I wanted to talk about, real life. I don't know if you have recognized it, but some people get their identities stolen, hell, some people get their Facebook used by someone. Doesn't it make you wonder that whoever you're talking to on the other line, or who you're texting, is actually the person you mean to be sending such messages to? I mean, who knows, maybe I'm not actually Rodolfo (I mean, of course I'm the real one, but for the sake of example) and you guys just read the name and assume? Isn't it weird that as the world advances, we grow farther apart? It grows so far apart that we may not know who we are even talking to anymore. 


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Q & As are overrated

      Welcome to Me Talking. A few days ago I asked you guys to send in your questions so that I could answer them. If you have a question for me just shoot me an e-mail, or you can tweet me. From the questions you guys sent me, I chose 10 of the most entertaining ones that I can see the majority of you guys wondering yourselves. Because the people who questioned didn't put if they wanted their name to be shown or not, I will keep their identities anonymous, but if  you send your question and want it to be anonymous, please mention it in the e-mail. Without further adieu, I present the first Q & A of this blog.

Question 1: Why did you name your first post "Genesis"?

Answer: The definition of genesis is the origin or formation of something. With that being said, the name of the first post should be "Genesis". I don't mean for it to be related in anyway with the first book of the bible.

Question 2: Why do you put random pictures at the end of each post?

Answer: I don't think they are random. There is a reason behind every picture I put at the end of each post, you just have to find it. I hate it when people think there is no meaning behind any aspect of my work when there is. So please, just assume I put meaning behind every piece of content I create without unless I say otherwise.

Question 3: Why do you drink so much coffee? Love the blog btw :)

Answer: I only mentioned drinking coffee like twice in the whole blog. I like coffee because it's such a simple concept yet you can manipulate it so that the no twp cups ever taste the same. I know I probably look to much into the whole idea, but to me coffee is such an individual drink. That, and it tastes pretty damn good too! Thank you for the kind words.

Question 4: Why does your writing style suck soo much?

Answer: I honestly don't know. Maybe because I'm just so good at writing that....I'm....bad at it?

Question 5:Why are you in Joliet and not in Chicago? Isn't Chicago so much better?

Answer: I still live with my family it's not like I am living alone right now. From what my Mother tells me, the jobs were here when her Father came to the US so she settled here, which led to my Father coming here, so they both just settled in Joliet. I would have chosen to reside in Chicago, but I obviously didn't have say at the time. I may move to Chicago when I get into college, but I may stay here I don't know. I feel that it all depends where you live in Chicago in terms of how much better Chicago is to Joliet.

Question 6: Is this your first time blogging?

Answer: I attempted to blog a couple of years ago and failed miserably. Just recently I thought I should go back into it because I now have the experiences and the mindset to share my perspective and give a piece of my perspective to anyone who reads. Of course, I'll release a few recreational posts here and there because I want to release them, not because anyone tells me to.

Question 7: You mentioned music projects, and other writings, what do you mean?

Answer: I am currently working on several projects right now and I'm becoming more cultured and am gaining more knowledge as time moves on. I have been working on some music projects for some time now and am currently coming up with some narratives. I don't want to give too much away, but when I finish, I'll keep everyone posted on the progress of those projects. I have noticed that too many people get labeled too fast and I plan on avoiding those labels, which is why I keep those projects behind the curtain until they are completed.

Question 8: Are you going to post daily?

Answer: I will try to post everyday, but I usually will tweet or put a little post out saying otherwise. With that being said, make sure you are connected by other means besides this blog. I have my social info below where you can be one of the first people to get news on this blog or just to see the other side of this blog. To my readers who came from the link on twitter, I apologize for all the tweets about this blog, but you gotta keep people up to date.

Question 9: Do you usually eat cereal after posting?

Answer: No. As a matter a fact, I hardly have any cereal in my house at all. I don't believe in cereal. I like eating full meals, so I will hardly ever eat any cereal. I know that's weird, but there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Question 10: Are you going to do more Q&A's?

Answer: I plan to as long as you guys continue to ask questions. I don't plan on doing Q & As very often. I want to put content out before anything, that's all I can say.

I truly appreciate the support on this blog, and I hope I can continue to put out my experiences and my lessons of thoughts for may days to come. Below you will find the picture I know you guys will like. Please answer the poll on the side. At the bottom of this page you find some of the tracks I like this week, they will change at the end of each week so if you want to listen to them feel free to. Before I leave, I hope you guys can tell your friends so we can reach a higher level of readers so that we don't have to be individuals on this blog. Lets make this blog stand tall! I will see you all soon.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Advertising Causes Me Therapy pt.2

      Good whatever time of day it is for you and welcome to pt.2 of Advertising Causes Me Therapy where yesterday I finished talking about my ride home and what I was able to see with the idea of brands and labels. People always flaunt about where they got the product and the cost. To me,this whole idea of naming the price with the brand name following. Honestly, when I ask someone where they got their clothes from they automatically say the price, and it's almost humorous to listen to these people talk about where they got their clothes when 80% of the fabric that goes into these clothes comes from the same place. The mere image of fashion is changing as the years pass. I care about quality and the comfort rather than the fricking words on the shirt. I'll never forget one time when I went to the local Macy's with my Mother and Sister last Christmas to look for gifts. There, we saw these shoppers who were wearing their Pink and their Abercrombie yet they're shopping at a Macy's. Almost as if telling people like me and my family: "We can afford to buy these brands, but we just choose to shop here at Macy's." Either one, those people are cheap because they choose not to give the people they are getting presents for the best they can OR they can just where the brand and strut around simply to show the people, "Look what WE have.", that to me is a really dumb concept. And if you are a person who does that, I highly recommend you stop that because people like me, which may be rare, but are human nonetheless, are noticing and we are shaking our heads at you for that. Well, that's all I have to say on this idea of commercialism (for now). Let me know what you guys think in the comments if you want or you can hit me an e-mail or tweet me. Before I leave, I would like to thank you guys for giving me a good first week. In my first week I received about 130 page views which is absolutely amazing. You guys really keep me going and give me a pretty damn good reason to continue this blog. With these numbers, I will continue to type up posts to deliver to you guys. I want this blog to get noticed so that I can really tackle some of the bigger issues I observe. I want to reach people on another level so that the people like I can relate to me. With that in mind, I would like to ask you guys to do me a big favor, a sort of optional homework if you will. I would like to ask you, the reader, to tell a person you know, just one if you want, to read this blog because the more people I get reading this blog, the more I get to reach and speak my thoughts. With that in mind, I hope you enjoyed the first week of Me Talking once again I want to thank each and everyone of you for taking the time in reading this post. I'm going to get a cup of coffee and get to work on the next blog for you guys which should be completed later tonight or tomorrow morning, and I know you all will have a nice evening (because I said you will).



Thursday, October 16, 2014

Advertising Causes Me Therapy pt.1

         Good evening everyone and welcome to Me Talking. Let me say right now that this is going to be a rather short post. I got a lot of studying to do guys, and I got to get back to work. Regarding the e-mails you guys have sent me, first I appreciate the questions and criticisms you guys sent my way. I'm thinking maybe tomorrow or Saturday will be the day I respond to those. I'm going to do a little segment of my post that day with my responses, but don't worry they will all be anonymous so that no one dies of embarrassment. Don't forget if anyone has a question they want me to answer in private or in a future post just ask me on e-mail or twitter and I will get back to you on that (just a warning I WILL be completely honest so be aware that I won't give some jackass answer other people will give you) as soon as I can. Moving on, I noticed today on my way to and from school that there are so many ads everywhere. I mean it's just product EVERYWHERE and that sort of makes me frustrated. I even noticed that when we wear brands we're sort of giving free labor to these corporations by showing off these letters on a shirt or wearing the tag on the shoe. I understand like advertising on a website because people make a living off of their website, but this whole idea of wearing a bunch of words on an article of clothing just because of THAT WORD rather than the quality of the shirt or the comfort of the clothing. Anyway, that's all the time I have today, I will finish this post maybe tomorrow or Saturday depending if I have time from making the Q and A post. Besides that my info is below, again sorry I can't elaborate on the post, but you guys know that school comes first. I'll talk to you guys later, enjoy the picture, and everyone have a good day/night. (SIDE NOTE, I ACTUALLY GOT SOME VIEWS FROM FRANCE SO TO ALL MY FRENCH READERS Merci d'avoir lu je appr├ęcions beaucoup!!!!)


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Don't Like The PSAT (Update #3)

           Good evening (I'm saying good evening because I posted in the evening) and welcome to another installment of the up and coming blog titled (appropriately) Me Talking  and if anyone noticed, I have changed my screen name to my actual name. Before I begin I would like to give a brief explanation as to why I kept my name a secret temporarily so que dramatic music:
I was keeping my name secret for reasons out of my control. Reasons that would lead many to be mouth agape sputtering for air. I long for a normal life, therefore I wanted to give normality in the most simple name I could think of without sounding like every other chap who doesn't want to be found out. I had a mask, a cover, a disguise so that I can express my true-

ACTUALLY I just was too lazy to change it, but all jokes aside this is my real name, I hope you guys can just learn to deal with it (and spell it right) and we can all really learn a lesson from this. Secrets are best to be kept hidden to oneself, or blurted out so everyone can know and you don't look like a douche.

     So, down to the actual content. I took the PSAT's today and let me tell you guys, the content they made us read freaked me out. they were talking about the most odd subjects. It went from talking about the similarities between humans and dolphins and how we should teach our kids like we teach the dolphins. Another was about a poet and how he was getting flamed by a reporter. Despite the difficulty with understanding the stories and why they were written, I feel like I did pretty good on the test (like always). There was one aspect of this whole standardized testing business that confused me. They don't allow you to make up any lost time regardless of the emergency. It makes you wonder if these tests actually tell the whole story. Well besides that, life was normal today. Before I go I want to give one quick update. First off, if you guys could tell a friend about this blog, it would help me out a lot. I'm not saying I'm not appreciative of you guys, but I want to reach out to more people. Another thing, if anyone has a question, really anything, I am thinking about having a little question/mail day where I read your questions. Again let me know my e-mail is at the bottom of this post along with all my other media stuff if you guys have any business related stuff you want to talk about. Besides that, thank you guys for reading, I got to go. This is Rodolfo Perez signing off for tonight, thanks for reading and have a nice day.
Here's a picture to enjoy:


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

An Empty Post (UPDATE #2)

         Hello, and welcome to another edition of Me Talking. I originally wasn't going to do a post today, but I figured what the hell, why not right? I see I did not get any comments from my last post which was expected, but if you ever want to comment or not comment it's fine, I am just judging you of course. Let's talk about this judging shall we? We all judge each other, lets get that out of the way, but what matters is whether or not we judge out loud or in the privacy of our own minds. If any reader here knows me, you know I tend to say whatever is on my mind, unless it's something that I myself know will trigger some emotion that I know is bad for your blood pressure. Personally, I have no issue with honesty. I tend to take it well. What I have an issue with is these people who pry simply to get information to distribute out to the public. I hear people always say, "don't be fake" well isn't not being honest when it's needed being "fake"? I don't understand that aspect of society... actually I can understand why we all can't be the most honest people. I can take the criticism, but I, fortunately, am not like everyone else. That's why I don't get the idea of talking behind someones back, I feel like you're letting the person win by not telling them what they are doing wrong. I'm sure I have been talked about behind my back, but I have never really felt emotion towards the action of speaking behind someone's back. It's difficult to explain how my brain works and I may be able to explain it someday with the public. Before I go I want to give you guys an update on what is going on right now in my life. I studied for that midterm which turned out to be moved to Friday, which I found to be a combination of relieving and a little frustrating considering I have 2 other summative assessments I will be partaking in that day. I got some writing for both works I am constructing. The music project is coming along quite well and I got killed in fantasy football. I apologize for the late upload it's just I got a lot going on, but I will not let this blog die. So, before I go, I guess I will reveal my real name (pause for dramatic effect) it is Rodolfo Perez, my nickname is DOLF in all caps. So for those of you who were just DYING to know my real name, there you have it. I know this is a bit of a long shot, but if anyone has a question, comment or criticism, I would love to help you just e-mail me at in that form, or you can tweet me: or you can always leave a comment. One last thing, if you guys can tell a friend and really help expand this blog it would help out a lot. Imagine, if everyone who read this told a friend it would really increase the audience. I am mighty tired from the day so enjoy this picture and I'll see you guys/gals around:

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Personal Insight pt.2

         Well, I'm back home from a quick cup of coffee, and I thought part two of this post would be about my insight on film, but while I was out I was talking with friends about school and what makes our high school so different. I have to say outright that I don't have a lot of school spirit. Don't get me wrong, I love learning and I truly believe that education is the key to eternal success, but the people who go to my school make me lose this idea of pride. My school is so obsessed with sports that it's gotten to the point where one can say it is ridiculous. I mean, we have this parade where they shorten MY periods and they take away MY last period just so I can see a bunch of people get paraded around the school. Let me also mention that for one, my football team has not scored a touchdown in three seasons. This really ticks me off because I work my butt off, I participate in clubs like book club, HOSA, and scholastic bowl, and yet only these athletes get attention. I don't even care if they incorporate the clubs in the idiotic parade, I just want the school to be unbiased, and I just want everyone to hold their clubs, sports, and all that other stuff at their hearts and move on. Anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest. Moving on, I wanted to talk about one of my passions. I am passionate about film. Not movies, film. I saw my first film when I was about 5 and the title of it was "Legends Of The Fall" and I was immediately intrigued by the idea of angling, symbolism, and lighting. I love watching films because it can be formed in so many different ways. No one film can be made the same to me. Every single idea in film can be morphed into it's own creation. It's so free and I love it for that. Anyway, that's my extremely short insight on film. I will elaborate on this as I continue to keep this blog afloat. Unfortunately, I have a test tomorrow in college algebra soooo I gotta study for that. Before I go, I want to know, what's your favorite movie?. So leave your answer in the comments section if you want. my favorite movie is pictured below. That being said, I hope you guys have a good rest of the day, and I will see you guys around.

Pictured below my favorite movie right now:

Personal Insight pt.1

        I was planning on doing a post today regardless of how many page views I received on my first post. If you have not read my first post I suggest you should read it, actually do whatever you want you're the reader. That's sort of what I have been able to get out of living for a while now. I wouldn't call life a joke, but it does seem like life is just one big troll doesn't it? For those who don't know what a troll is a troll is one who makes a deliberately offensive or provocative remark or action with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from an individual. It seems like whenever something good happens in our lives something equally bad happens that sort of balances out the good. I never considered myself to be someone with bad luck, but I sure as hell don't have what many call good luck. There were times where if I did amazing in school one day I had something bad happen at home. I have never met anyone who has had a day where it is never balanced. It's something that is very frustrating yet fascinating about our lives. Life is just absurd like that I guess. I sit here typing this and my day hasn't really been good or bad at all. I have to be honest when I say I have never had an average day. To me, living in such an absurd world, it is impossible to have an "average" day. Isn't it the most absurd thing if nothing absurd happens? That's just whats on my mind anyway. Before I continue on, I encourage anyone with an opinion to please leave a comment that will help improve my typing abilities. I consider myself to be one of the better creative writers that I know, (and you may see my works one day, if I so choose to release them) but I feel that improvement is everything. So, if you have any advice on how to improve please leave some of your advice in the comment section down below. Moving on, I forgot to give credit to the picture that I posted on my last post which was of a bunny with a flap jack on it's head. Let me tell you all right now, it is not mine. I got the picture from a hilarious Twitter profile by the name of 

Stuff on Da Rabbit 

I strongly recommend you all follow it on Twitter if you have one it has some of the most adorable pictures you will find on the internet at least in my opinion. It is a parody account though because the original account was discontinued. Regardless, it's a hilarious account and I am sure you guys will enjoy it. Here is another picture of the bunny with a strainer on it's head:Embedded image permalink

I have to go now to get a quick bite to eat with some friends, but I will be posting part two to this post, you can probably expect it tonight if not tomorrow morning. Until then, thanks for reading and have a good one.

Genesis (UPDATE #1)

          I don't expect this post to get much attention. Then again, I don't expect this post to go completely unnoticed. I'm typing this from my recliner in my family room from my home where I live with my family. I am going to outright say this. That name you see, Ricardo Ruiz, that's not my name. I will tell you readers my name, in time of course. First, let me introduce my birthplace. I was born in a hospital (you may let out your sighs of relief) in the city of Joliet. You may be wondering "what is Joliet exactly?” allow me to elaborate. Joliet is a little city by Chicago. No, I do not have a sense of pride that goes with the idea of living here. I am currently attending the local high school and am going to go into college. I always feel like if I don't explain myself I will be asked too many questions, and I will lose interest. Well, since I seem to have established most of my origins I guess I should begin explaining what I want to do with this blog. I don't want this blog to interfere with my studies and in doing so I will try to upload as constantly as possible for you guys. I fell in love with the idea of blogging when I was looking at some of them from my cousins Myspace account (yeah it was a while ago) and I thought, "hey maybe one day I can do this" and it just occurred to me that I may be able to start. I want to keep you guys reading without getting bored so once in a while I may release a story I have or maybe a funny experience I have had in my life. The overall goal I have for this blog is just to reach out to the people. I want people to see my perspective. So, (take a breath) that's the introduction. A rather short one I will admit, but I want to start and I have. I will now eat a bowl of cereal and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Until next time, I'm, for the time being, Ricardo Ruiz, have a good day (or night depending when you are reading this). OH BTW LOOK AT THIS ADORABLE PICTURE OF A BUNNY WITH A PANCAKE ON its HEAD: