Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Don't Like The PSAT (Update #3)

           Good evening (I'm saying good evening because I posted in the evening) and welcome to another installment of the up and coming blog titled (appropriately) Me Talking  and if anyone noticed, I have changed my screen name to my actual name. Before I begin I would like to give a brief explanation as to why I kept my name a secret temporarily so que dramatic music:
I was keeping my name secret for reasons out of my control. Reasons that would lead many to be mouth agape sputtering for air. I long for a normal life, therefore I wanted to give normality in the most simple name I could think of without sounding like every other chap who doesn't want to be found out. I had a mask, a cover, a disguise so that I can express my true-

ACTUALLY I just was too lazy to change it, but all jokes aside this is my real name, I hope you guys can just learn to deal with it (and spell it right) and we can all really learn a lesson from this. Secrets are best to be kept hidden to oneself, or blurted out so everyone can know and you don't look like a douche.

     So, down to the actual content. I took the PSAT's today and let me tell you guys, the content they made us read freaked me out. they were talking about the most odd subjects. It went from talking about the similarities between humans and dolphins and how we should teach our kids like we teach the dolphins. Another was about a poet and how he was getting flamed by a reporter. Despite the difficulty with understanding the stories and why they were written, I feel like I did pretty good on the test (like always). There was one aspect of this whole standardized testing business that confused me. They don't allow you to make up any lost time regardless of the emergency. It makes you wonder if these tests actually tell the whole story. Well besides that, life was normal today. Before I go I want to give one quick update. First off, if you guys could tell a friend about this blog, it would help me out a lot. I'm not saying I'm not appreciative of you guys, but I want to reach out to more people. Another thing, if anyone has a question, really anything, I am thinking about having a little question/mail day where I read your questions. Again let me know my e-mail is at the bottom of this post along with all my other media stuff if you guys have any business related stuff you want to talk about. Besides that, thank you guys for reading, I got to go. This is Rodolfo Perez signing off for tonight, thanks for reading and have a nice day.
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