Monday, October 13, 2014

Personal Insight pt.2

         Well, I'm back home from a quick cup of coffee, and I thought part two of this post would be about my insight on film, but while I was out I was talking with friends about school and what makes our high school so different. I have to say outright that I don't have a lot of school spirit. Don't get me wrong, I love learning and I truly believe that education is the key to eternal success, but the people who go to my school make me lose this idea of pride. My school is so obsessed with sports that it's gotten to the point where one can say it is ridiculous. I mean, we have this parade where they shorten MY periods and they take away MY last period just so I can see a bunch of people get paraded around the school. Let me also mention that for one, my football team has not scored a touchdown in three seasons. This really ticks me off because I work my butt off, I participate in clubs like book club, HOSA, and scholastic bowl, and yet only these athletes get attention. I don't even care if they incorporate the clubs in the idiotic parade, I just want the school to be unbiased, and I just want everyone to hold their clubs, sports, and all that other stuff at their hearts and move on. Anyway, I just wanted to get that off my chest. Moving on, I wanted to talk about one of my passions. I am passionate about film. Not movies, film. I saw my first film when I was about 5 and the title of it was "Legends Of The Fall" and I was immediately intrigued by the idea of angling, symbolism, and lighting. I love watching films because it can be formed in so many different ways. No one film can be made the same to me. Every single idea in film can be morphed into it's own creation. It's so free and I love it for that. Anyway, that's my extremely short insight on film. I will elaborate on this as I continue to keep this blog afloat. Unfortunately, I have a test tomorrow in college algebra soooo I gotta study for that. Before I go, I want to know, what's your favorite movie?. So leave your answer in the comments section if you want. my favorite movie is pictured below. That being said, I hope you guys have a good rest of the day, and I will see you guys around.

Pictured below my favorite movie right now:

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