Monday, October 13, 2014

Genesis (UPDATE #1)

          I don't expect this post to get much attention. Then again, I don't expect this post to go completely unnoticed. I'm typing this from my recliner in my family room from my home where I live with my family. I am going to outright say this. That name you see, Ricardo Ruiz, that's not my name. I will tell you readers my name, in time of course. First, let me introduce my birthplace. I was born in a hospital (you may let out your sighs of relief) in the city of Joliet. You may be wondering "what is Joliet exactly?” allow me to elaborate. Joliet is a little city by Chicago. No, I do not have a sense of pride that goes with the idea of living here. I am currently attending the local high school and am going to go into college. I always feel like if I don't explain myself I will be asked too many questions, and I will lose interest. Well, since I seem to have established most of my origins I guess I should begin explaining what I want to do with this blog. I don't want this blog to interfere with my studies and in doing so I will try to upload as constantly as possible for you guys. I fell in love with the idea of blogging when I was looking at some of them from my cousins Myspace account (yeah it was a while ago) and I thought, "hey maybe one day I can do this" and it just occurred to me that I may be able to start. I want to keep you guys reading without getting bored so once in a while I may release a story I have or maybe a funny experience I have had in my life. The overall goal I have for this blog is just to reach out to the people. I want people to see my perspective. So, (take a breath) that's the introduction. A rather short one I will admit, but I want to start and I have. I will now eat a bowl of cereal and there's nothing anyone can do about it. Until next time, I'm, for the time being, Ricardo Ruiz, have a good day (or night depending when you are reading this). OH BTW LOOK AT THIS ADORABLE PICTURE OF A BUNNY WITH A PANCAKE ON its HEAD:

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