Thursday, October 16, 2014

Advertising Causes Me Therapy pt.1

         Good evening everyone and welcome to Me Talking. Let me say right now that this is going to be a rather short post. I got a lot of studying to do guys, and I got to get back to work. Regarding the e-mails you guys have sent me, first I appreciate the questions and criticisms you guys sent my way. I'm thinking maybe tomorrow or Saturday will be the day I respond to those. I'm going to do a little segment of my post that day with my responses, but don't worry they will all be anonymous so that no one dies of embarrassment. Don't forget if anyone has a question they want me to answer in private or in a future post just ask me on e-mail or twitter and I will get back to you on that (just a warning I WILL be completely honest so be aware that I won't give some jackass answer other people will give you) as soon as I can. Moving on, I noticed today on my way to and from school that there are so many ads everywhere. I mean it's just product EVERYWHERE and that sort of makes me frustrated. I even noticed that when we wear brands we're sort of giving free labor to these corporations by showing off these letters on a shirt or wearing the tag on the shoe. I understand like advertising on a website because people make a living off of their website, but this whole idea of wearing a bunch of words on an article of clothing just because of THAT WORD rather than the quality of the shirt or the comfort of the clothing. Anyway, that's all the time I have today, I will finish this post maybe tomorrow or Saturday depending if I have time from making the Q and A post. Besides that my info is below, again sorry I can't elaborate on the post, but you guys know that school comes first. I'll talk to you guys later, enjoy the picture, and everyone have a good day/night. (SIDE NOTE, I ACTUALLY GOT SOME VIEWS FROM FRANCE SO TO ALL MY FRENCH READERS Merci d'avoir lu je apprécions beaucoup!!!!)


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