Monday, December 15, 2014


The following events, names, and settings have been changed to protect the choices and dignities of the persons mentioned in this post. Any similarities between the settings and actual sequences are completely coincidental.

There has been one topic that has been weighing on my mind for some time now. It’s this concept of being alone. I don’t mind it, but over the last few months I have observed the many instances where one will do anything to have some attention of their peers. The following experience was recognized during my English class. We were given time to work on an assignment where we had the ability to work in groups. There is a boy who is in the same class as me. We shall call him Bob. Bob is a boy who craves attention. Now, many want to be in the spotlight for a little, but get tired of it. Bob never really got to live in that spotlight and based off his actions, it was his main goal. We are allowed to have snacks in our class. Bob was willing to spend his own money to get food for people. It really is pitiful to see how far one will go just so he or she may be accepted by society. I have never gone to great lengths to have “friends” but Bob brings a very interesting perspective to the table. Bob hates being alone. All his life he has probably been just an average kid. I find him to be rather annoying because the boy has many a time spoken out of turn or has given many unnecessary comments during class. Why do many feel it’s their obligation to be noticed? Is it their ego speaking? Bob overuses jokes simply to have contact with people. Once he recognizes he has the attention of someone, he tries to drag it out for as long as he can, simply for the contact he may have with another human. Really, even when someone is being negative towards him, he WANTS to argue. I think of it as viewing the deterioration of a human ego. Here we have a boy, noticing the decline in the amount of attention one gives to him. Something that, to someone with a large ego, considers a necessity, so they feel the need to do something brash that will gather the attention of the person or persons they target. Bob will die if someone puts him in his place or if he stops the traffic from his peers.                                                               END OF PART 1

Thank you for reading. I have to continue this later due to my studying for finals. Thank you for reading.


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