Monday, December 29, 2014


                                                                    "Musiques" by Serre

Sunday, December 28, 2014


            To put it in the most open way possible, humor is one of the most brilliant, and the most annoying things humans can use in life. Me, personally, I have always looked for something to laugh at. Not in a way like bullying, but in a way to just laugh. Some people tell me I have a very good sense of humor while others tell me they don’t understand half the jokes that come out of my mouth. I don’t try to be funny because I feel one who is funny should never have to force. Humor is defined as the quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech. I get a feeling of biliousness as I see these people who rely on their humor or attempt at it simply to make friends. I think once being funny becomes more of a chore it loses some of that power it holds. That is all I have to say for now.


Saturday, December 27, 2014

It Wouldn't Hurt Not To Read This (update #8)

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of Me Talking. You ever feel like the year just dies down after New Year’s Day? In my family, most of our birthdays fall in the autumn and winter seasons, but after that, nothing really happens. I mean yeah there’s Valentine’s Day and my Mother’s birthday, but we don’t really make as big of a deal about those holidays as we do for other holidays. It’s sort of funny because where I’m at right now it’s spring weather so I have this urge to go out and play soccer and catch, but it’s the middle of December. I’m most likely going out today. Even though I’m on break, I have this feeling that I’m supposed to do something. I don’t really like doing nothing. You probably won’t find me just sitting around listening to music or something. I feel like this post is getting off topic, which I hate. Am I getting off topic? Oh, by the way, I hope for those of you who were able to get your gift you enjoyed it. For those of you who were not able to get the gift, I may release it in the future I am not sure. In terms of the New Year, I have not decided what I should do for this blog, but I’m sure whatever I come up with, it will be awesome. With all that said, I have to go now. Thanks for reading. If you are celebrating or getting ready to celebrate a holiday, happy holidays. I think it’s pretty cool that you guys have been reading and staying consistent. It’s pretty cool. If you want, you guys can check out my YouTube channel. With all that said, see you guys around.

Thursday, December 25, 2014


            This is my gift to all of you:
Untitled #1:
            I sit, thinking of you.
The leafless trees are assembled outside, watching me.
                        You pay attention to the wrong objects.
You worry of other things, so I will too.

Untitled #2:
The wrong people watch me.
            Extravagance does not attract all, which is good.
I like that about you.
More of a sink.
Less of a plate.
Many depend on you, yet you depend on no one.
That makes me laugh.
Untitled #3:
Death is as important as you want it to be.
                        I say that.
So when one dies, where do people look?
            Will they paint pictures, or form sculptures?
Or will we be like the stars?



Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Me Talking. Well, tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I’m pretty sure just about everyone is done with their Christmas shopping. I just finished yesterday. One thing that struck me as a surprise when I went to the store yesterday is that people around this time of year resort to some extreme mood changes. Personally I stay the same throughout any holiday, but yesterday I came across a couple of examples that showed what drastic feelings many may have towards the holiday. I was at a store finding some labels for gifts. You know, the ones that you put to differentiate which gifts belong to who. Well, the labels were the only items I was carrying as I made my way to the cash register. Now, this occurred 3 days before Christmas people. You could imagine the long line with people carrying gifts. Whole carts filled with toys, movies and canned hams alike. I thought I was going to be there for a while. Then, as if on cue, the people in front of me started to let me cut them. It really was a rather generous sight to see. The gesture of the people gave a bitter-sweet nausea that made me take a deep breath. I got to the front of the line and paid for my labels. I thanked the people behind me and left the store. When I got back into the car and started towards the mall I told the people who were in the car with me the generous deed the people did for me. We arrived at the mall. Now, I have to be honest. It was a while since I had stepped into a mall. Almost a year had passed and this mall was extremely packed in. We had trouble simply finding parking. Anyway, we’re looking for a parking space, when we see it. In the distance we see the oasis that was the lone parking space at the end of the lot. It was there, as if everyone had missed it somehow. We slowly made our way to the parking space when a small sedan nearly crashed into us. Our car stopped so hard my sister who was in the car with me would have hit her head if it had not been for the seat belt. When I looked up I saw that same Sedan in the parking spot we had picked out from afar. The driver of the Sedan got out of his car and actually said something to US. I believe it was among the lines of “watch where you’re going”. Originally I was quite angry. I mean, some guy cut my family off, but then I realized why the man was so angry. The poor D-bag must have been stressed out with all his shopping. We still left a note on his car, but it would have been much worse if I had not given the poor bastard mercy. So, be thankful, Sedan driver guy who wears pink North Face. Be. Thankful.



Sunday, December 21, 2014


               Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Me TalkingWell, finals are over for me. I hope that in terms of results you guys are as content with your grades as I sort of am. In terms of the part two to Loneliness, I’ll have it up soon so stay tuned. In terms of my brother’s guest post, I've gotten some good feedback from you guys which is awesome. With that said, expect him and my brother to be making more appearances in the future. See you guys around.   


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Musings on Automobiles

I had an interesting conversation the other day with my bestie on the subject of cars. The conversation started after we were cut off by a bright yellow Hummer on our way to the market. I mouthed obscenities and yelled "Earth-Raper", though my efforts were thwarted due to the tinted, rolled up windows of the car that we rode in. My friend turned to look at me (narrowly avoiding the running over of a pedestrian) and with mouth agape, asked why I would say such a thing. And so it started. I began my rant by talking about the amount of pollution that is released by automobiles, and how this is contributing to the global climate change that we are experiencing (and that bastard fundamentalists deny). My friend then pressed me for a solution, so I gave my admittedly simplistic and unsophisticated answer: more eco-friendly cars, less huge trucks. I admit that this poorly thought out "solution" has many holes, but hear me out. First off, I would argue that eco-friendly cars have a more obvious positive effect on the environment than regular all-gas powered cars do. If I had the chance (as a high level government official or something) I would call for a sort of national recall on all gas powered automobiles. I would have a sort of mandate in order to have all families purchase an eco-friendly car. To facilitate this transition, I would create a government fund in order to subsidize families for their mandated purchase. Before this however, to avoid the perhaps apparent quasi-fascist elements of this, I would create a government controlled eco-friendly car company, providing cars at a low cost. This way, families wouldn't be forced into buying from a privately owned company. To further ease the cost on families, the company would have only a few basic designs without unnecessary features (bun-toasters). For those who wanted to keep expensive gas-guzzlers, I proposed taxing the shit out of them for their ego-fetish. After hearing this, my friend recoiled in horror. "What?!" she exclaimed. "So you're telling me that you want everyone driving the exact same car?". I responded that it would not and should not be a big deal. She insisted that the car that you own reveals a lot about the person's character, and argued that forcing everyone to drive the same car would affect the individuality of citizens. After I regained my breath from my outburst of laughter, I remained speechless. I could not understand why something as insignificant as a car design would stand in the way of preserving the earth for our future generations. I felt that it would be useless to continue the conversation, so I changed the subject.

Later during the day, the subject again reared its ugly head at my workplace. When I again gave my stance on the subject (as well as my proposed solution), I received the exact same amount of negative feedback. I was appalled. I do not understand why this thought was met with such resentment. I understand that there are flaws in this proposition, but the amount of care that is put into such material things is beyond me. I feel that selfish tendencies towards harmful commodities is part of what is holding us back from making the earth a better place. Is the appearance of our material necessities really that important? After all, if they are necessities, it should not matter what they look like or how "cool" they appear. To what extent is our materialist culture to blame? To what extent are we to blame? I don't want to come off as being a stereotypical hippie (not that there should be anything wrong with that), for I try to promote individuality as much as anyone else (whoohoo Burning Man!); but to what extent is a commodity tied to our individuality?

Whether you agree or disagree with my modest proposal, it should be unanimous that we have to do our best to protect our environment. I admit that my proposal may seem far-fetched or absurd, so for those of you that want to take immediate action, I have a simple and effective solution. All that is needed is a pair of socks. In order to stop so much pollutant from getting into the air, anytime you spot a Hummer or any other ridiculous earth-raping automobile, just grab a pair of socks and stick it into the exhaust pipe. That way, all that pollution won't go into the air! It is uncanny that this has never been attempted. Who knows, maybe the driver will eventually stop driving the damn contraption!

(DISCLAIMER)The ending statements are sarcastic and satirical, and do not actually promote harm towards earth-rapers of any kind. Just making sure that that is clear. DO NOT DO IT please. This was meant for lulz. This blog was guest written by Rodolfo's older brother (no pen name yet), and does not reflect the opinions of the Rodolfo or the blog site. All hate mail must be directed at the guest writer. Thank you.

Monday, December 15, 2014


The following events, names, and settings have been changed to protect the choices and dignities of the persons mentioned in this post. Any similarities between the settings and actual sequences are completely coincidental.

There has been one topic that has been weighing on my mind for some time now. It’s this concept of being alone. I don’t mind it, but over the last few months I have observed the many instances where one will do anything to have some attention of their peers. The following experience was recognized during my English class. We were given time to work on an assignment where we had the ability to work in groups. There is a boy who is in the same class as me. We shall call him Bob. Bob is a boy who craves attention. Now, many want to be in the spotlight for a little, but get tired of it. Bob never really got to live in that spotlight and based off his actions, it was his main goal. We are allowed to have snacks in our class. Bob was willing to spend his own money to get food for people. It really is pitiful to see how far one will go just so he or she may be accepted by society. I have never gone to great lengths to have “friends” but Bob brings a very interesting perspective to the table. Bob hates being alone. All his life he has probably been just an average kid. I find him to be rather annoying because the boy has many a time spoken out of turn or has given many unnecessary comments during class. Why do many feel it’s their obligation to be noticed? Is it their ego speaking? Bob overuses jokes simply to have contact with people. Once he recognizes he has the attention of someone, he tries to drag it out for as long as he can, simply for the contact he may have with another human. Really, even when someone is being negative towards him, he WANTS to argue. I think of it as viewing the deterioration of a human ego. Here we have a boy, noticing the decline in the amount of attention one gives to him. Something that, to someone with a large ego, considers a necessity, so they feel the need to do something brash that will gather the attention of the person or persons they target. Bob will die if someone puts him in his place or if he stops the traffic from his peers.                                                               END OF PART 1

Thank you for reading. I have to continue this later due to my studying for finals. Thank you for reading.


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Poem for The Holidays

            I used to enjoy Christmas. It was so fun. The tree and the wonderful atmosphere my family would have during that time. Now, it feels like the 38th parallel. There is just so much tension. It’s sort of humorous in a way, just waiting until something bad happens so the volcano can erupt, and we can all just talk like normal people. I am in no way saying I hate my family during holidays. The tension just kills me. 

Thursday, December 4, 2014


                Hello everyone. Just a quick update. Finals for me start next week so I got to start studying up extra hard which means starting next Monday I will be in full swing John Nash. With that being said, I have a little surprise coming up for you guys so be ready. I really just wanted to tell you guys that if you’re taking finals in the next weeks I wish you well. Stay tuned for more updates, enjoy the sequence of pictures I set up for you all, and I will see you guys when I see you guys.

Monday, December 1, 2014


                Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Me Talking. Today, I want to talk about a touchy topic. The topic is the events currently taking place in Ferguson, Missouri. Some witnesses said Michael Brown had been shot in the back. Another said he was face-down on the ground when Officer Darren Wilson "finished him off." Still others acknowledged changing their stories to fit published details about the autopsy or admitted that they did not see the shooting at all. An Associated Press review of thousands of pages of grand jury documents reveals numerous examples of statements made during the shooting investigation that were inconsistent, fabricated or provably wrong. For one, the autopsies ultimately showed Brown was not struck by any bullets in his back. Prosecutors exposed these inconsistencies before the jurors, which likely influenced their decision not to indict Wilson in Brown's death. Bob McCulloch, the St. Louis County prosecutor, said the grand jury had to weigh testimony that conflicted with physical evidence and conflicting statements by witnesses as it decided whether Wilson should face charges. Now, after researching the evidence and looking at the case through most angles, one fact is true. Mr. Brown was shot repeatedly including two shots to the head. He was shot in the arm several times. The two shots to the head were not necessary. Below is the official autopsy graphic showing the shots Michael Brown took to his body. I know, it’s crazy to even think that so many shots could be fired at an unarmed man. I am against police brutality. Personally, I don’t consider this a racial issue, and I hate it when people want to bring race into this picture. Why mention he was a BLACK man killed by a WHITE officer? We should be looking more into the idea of power abuse by the police (which happens much more often than you think) that seems to be the basis to which all of the recent cases have looked like. Another issue is the looting. I don’t care if Michael Brown was ran over by the officer, there is no excuse for the people of Ferguson to loot THEIR OWN COMMUNITY BUSINESSES. The rioters were not even going after government buildings even though they were angry with them. It was a tragedy, but the ignorance and stupidity the rioters showed that night and the nights following were extremely daft. The parent (the actual father) of Michael Brown called for no violence, and the people did what they did. That’s why the UN people moved out. That’s why Anonymous will not support them anymore, and that’s why ultimately, Ferguson stands alone. That’s all I have to say.  

Thursday, November 27, 2014


                Thanksgiving, a time of thanks, some may say. I want every single one of you who is reading this to look at yourselves today. Try to be with your families. Do that and stop reading this post because you should be with them right now. Thank you

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Personal Story

                Hello everyone and welcome to Me Talking. Today, I have a rather personal story to share. Once, when I was about six. It was October and I was starting my year in 1st grade, and I did not have new shoes. It was around the time Fila’s were the hot item in the sneaker world. I had a pair of sketchers that I treasured for a good two years, but I missed something. I missed the idea of choice. Being able to choose between two or more options was my dream before. Back then it was a choice between shoes, right now it’s about our rights as a “free” people. Anyway, my brothers had the same idea when it came to shoes. The Fila’s were fricking sweet. My parents thought that they were not durable enough because they were suede and the autumn season was approaching which meant rain and snow. I knew this, ladies and gentlemen, but my parents rejecting my idea only strengthened my desire for these shoes. My birthday was coming up, and I hoped, prayed that I would be able to obtain said pair of kicks. I stayed on my best behavior for a while. My birthday came. I was given a present by my parents. It was a large box wrapped in orange and green paper. I held it, holding my breath. Through this thin layer of paper is either the best present I could get, or a bitter disappointment. I opened the box. NINJA TURTLES. CANDY. MONEY. I was surprised. So I didn’t get the shoes, but I got some toys that I had no idea where they were from. I never got into ninja turtles. The candy was good, and I spent the money (twenty) on some more candy. So, yeah, that’s one experience I can remember.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Oh No Christmas (not for the reason you are thinking of)

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of Me Talking where I, Rodolfo Perez, speak put to you, the reader in a way that some may find to be very vague. I just want to give you guys a quick little update on what will be happening for the next couple of weeks. As many of you noticed, I have not been posting as frequently as I usually do, and I explained earlier that this was due to the hefty amount of schoolwork that had to be done. For those of you who actually enjoy reading my blog, and don’t just go through it only to send me hate mail, I have some news that you may find to be most acceptable. I got the big projects out of the way, and I will be able to post now on my regular schedule. So, if you have been holding that breath of frustration that I know many of you have been over the last couple of weeks, you may let it out right now. Of course, the tests and projects will never stop coming, but we, as a united group of intellectuals, will get past it, do not worry. Now, today I wanted to talk a little bit about the upcoming holiday, and I’m not talking about Thanksgiving. Christmas is now a little more than a month away, and while I was out doing what I do, I saw it. The commercials have started. Don’t get me wrong, I get a little calmer when I celebrate the holidays with my family away from school, but Christmas has gotten so commercialized. Everywhere I went today I saw these ads talking about Christmas being shoved in my face. It got a little annoying. I remember last Christmas I went to the mall (The good one all my Joliet people) for some Christmas shopping. It was me, my big brother, his girlfriend, and my sister. I followed my brother into one of these teen clothing shops. These stores that appeal to teens (or at least try to) by making clothing based off of bands that are popular or movies that the average teen will find to be “cool”. We were looking for a t-shirt my sister wanted when we were approached by a sales woman. Now, my brother and I knew the shirt we wanted for my sister, but they seemed to be out of stock. This is the dialogue that occurred between my brother and the sales woman:
Sales: May I help you with something?
Brother: Yeah do you guys have any more of those (Brand shirt here)?
Sales: I’m sorry we do not, but maybe you would like it in another color?
Brother: No I needed that specific color. Do you think there will be mo-
Sales: We have a (other brand shirt) maybe your sibling would be interesting?
Brother: No we just-
Sales: We have a two for one sale on them so maybe she would like these instead?
Brother: No, I think we should get going.
Sales: Two for one guys. A Christmas sale only.
Brother: Look, are you guys going to be restocking the T-shirts or not?
Sales: No, but we’re having a sale on these T-shirts.

We left that place. We have not gone there since. While shopping today, we were approached with a similar situation with a woman talking about phone plans. Not as aggressive, but aggravating nonetheless. I must warn you. When shopping during the holiday season, BEWARE THE SALESPERSON. Besides that it just gets really annoying whenever I see the same commercials over and over again on television or while I am listening to the radio. I don’t mean to “kill the holiday spirit” as many say I have done in the past, but if your definition of a holiday spirit is commercialism and the constant bombardment of advertisements, I’m afraid it is too late for you. That’s my time. I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I will be putting out a thanksgiving “special” for you guys, so look out for that. Besides that, I signed with Google AdSense so go me. Don’t forget to tell a friend. Have a great evening.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Before I begin todays post, I want to thank you. I had this idea when I first started this blog, and that was to create a base to which all those with ideals similar to my own would be able to recognize and add on. With that being said, if you want to give me any advice or want to write for this growing blog, just E-mail me and I can see what can be done to give this blog a good, long, life. Once again, thank you for sticking with this blog and reading every post. Now, ON WITH THE POST.

Food, to me, is truly a thing of beauty, and an object of mystery. We all eat it, and a lot of it tastes fricking good, but while most people will stop at that fact, I have a keen curiosity in this “food” we eat. When I was little, peanut butter sandwiches were my life. I didn’t eat them every day, but when I did, I would have a damn field day. I think that is why I’m not much of a jelly guy. Anyway about a year ago, I started to actually enjoy the foods I eat. Now, I don’t just eat the food, I will savor it. Part of that I owe to my mother and my father for cooking delicious meals almost every day I would come home from school or on the weekends, but I became interested in where the flavors came from as well as experiencing the smells and tastes that go into the meal consumed. I mean, I don’t consider myself to be an observant person, but whenever I have an interesting variety on my plate, I can’t help but wonder where these flavors came from and the time and effort needed to put this plate in front of me. There are so many flavors out there to mix and I really want to take advantage of having the opportunity to try out a lot of them. For any of you who don’t do this already, take the time to simply savor the flavors the next time you eat. Now, that goes for meals at actual restaurants because I know how hard it can be to distinguish the flavors of some processed food product from a fast food chain, but food was put on earth so that man could eat, and why would we have taste buds if not to taste the flavors of the world? Now if you will all excuse me, for I have to go have a meal with my family.

I know this creative post wasn’t as good as the first one, and I will continue to improve as I move on with these posts. Thank you for reading anyways.  


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

School, Consumer, and Censorship

                                                           PLAY THIS AS YOU READ:
                Hello everyone and welcome to Me Talking, As you all know I am in school right now (although today is veterans day so we got the day off). I go to a public school with a lot of people I don’t understand. I like to consider myself to be a rather creative person. Now, I’m not talking about those people who make simple things difficult, but rather I’m learning to recognize, create, and release to a degree I feel most comfortable with. With that being said, I have noticed that this school system, which has a uniform way of dealing with the curriculum, in a way kills creativity. Before we enter school, our minds are still exploring this new world in front of us, then we get thrown into a building for eight hours a day only to come home tired and frustrated. I understand in college where you’re not cooped up inside a building all day, but this modern education system drains you. I knew these “artists” in grade and middle school (really, they were just good at drawing, but creative nonetheless) that were just tired by the time they entered high school and all they really looked forward to in school was going home. No one is like me. No one wants to write on their own time. No one wants to learn outside of school. No one wants to create anymore, rather, they want everything done already. I think that’s one of the reasons why people blindly follow celebrities so much or they go with whatever media tell them. That’s what causes ignorance, and, to me at least, that is why the younger people of the United States have such materialistic views for the most part. And if someone, like me for example, wants to speak differently, I get censored. People don’t want to think anymore. All I’ve been seeing is five, ten topics being talked about quickly with basically no thought. I hate being disregarded as a crazy person simply because I may not be a raging consumerist like the people at my school or in my community. I’ll continue this later. I’m sure that you, the reader, thinks I’m crazy as well. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Grocery Shopping and Such

        I have to be honest with you people. I hate grocery stores. I stopped going to department stores for clothing and started shopping online since 2011. I hated the idea of going into a building surrounded by people I didn’t know just so I could get an article of clothing. The life was great, I was buying and wearing without the hassle. Then, I received responsibility. Specifically with the groceries. I know what most of you are thinking “They’re just groceries stop being a pansy”, but I have an issue with the idea of walking into a store to get a few items. Now, if they had online grocery shopping, I would be in heaven.

Monday, November 3, 2014

I Know You Guys Will Understand (UPDATE #5)

       Hello everyone, and welcome to a Monday edition of Me Talking. Today, I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on what is going on. Now, don’t think I’m giving up on you loyal readers out there, I just have a few things to say. I am in that part of the year where I am busy, extremely busy. Now, because I am so busy with school, projects etc. it gets increasingly difficult to balance it all out. I will not stop making content for you to enjoy, but I will be spacing out the next couple of posts for the coming weeks. I hate the fact that the posts will be coming in slow for the coming weeks but I have to think about my grades, and certain other things. Again, I am not abandoning you guys, just think of it like I am temporarily dead at the moment, and you guys have to mourn for a little while, but my ghost is still writing. You guys will understand because you guys are some pretty cool people for sticking with this blog. I still want you guys to tell a friend about this blog if you can, it would really help out a whole lot. Now, about this update. I have a project due this Thursday, I have a big unit test coming, and finals are just around the corner. Meanwhile, the writing has been improving and my English video is about done. Today is a Monday, and I am extremely tired from the day. Once again, I am so sorry ahead of time for not posting as much in the coming weeks. I hate to be inconsistent with these posts damn it! I will try to post on Wednesday for you guys if I get the opportunity, so be ready for that. I’m sorry for the short post, but I got to go. I know you guys understand because I’m sure you are all intellectual beings such as myself. Here’s to a long future with you guys!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween is a Strong Word

                Happy Halloween everyone. If you don’t celebrate Halloween, then, happy Friday, and if it’s not Friday when you are reading this, I don’t know what to tell you. Anyway, I’m sorry this post is going to be so short. I just wanted to get a few things off my chest. As to the Q&A people keep asking for, it’s coming soon. I had quite an abnormal day today, and it wasn’t because of the holiday. It seemed as though I started the day strong, and it ended in a rather abrupt fashion. I didn’t do all I was planning on doing today, but I guess that is just the way the cookie crumbles. As to my fellow author France, he is still working on polishing his post which should be coming soon as well. I get confused whenever people say Halloween means free candy when in most cases it doesn’t mean so. When I went trick or treating, I saw my parents pend unnecessary amounts of gas to get a measly amount of sugary treats, I don’t see how these people don’t see that. Besides that, let’s be honest, in the past four or five years the quality of said sugary treats has gone down dramatically. I just don’t see a point in it anymore. Well, thanks for another week guys. Don’t forget to tell your friends about my blog, my info is below. Have a splendid weekend!


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Recreational post #1: Poetry

                Hello. I want to talk about poetry. Most have this notion in their head that poetry has to be this amazing sonnet written with the complete scheme set out which is to attract the most attention possible with the reader. I don’t see it that way. People think poetry isn't for everyone, and to be honest, that statement is correct, but to say that such an art is idiotic or a waste of time is something that I, someone who takes part in the art of poetry, tend to go through these phases of emotions. The top three emotions I tend to feel are anger, frustration, and despondency. Throughout this rather brief post, I will be sharing these emotions with you, the reader. Enjoy!
                Anger is characterized as a feeling of strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, and hostility, and upon first hearing such comments as “poetry is stupid” or “it’s a waste of time” I feel this emotion. Now, I don’t mean I go 300 Fury on this person, as a matter a fact, I simply respect their opinions by not saying anything at all, but I have this feeling of rage that a person simply states such comments simply because they do not understand the concept. In my mind, there is a difference between stupidity and ignorance. In other words, the reason why the majority of the people don’t like poetry is because they don’t know what poetry stands for alone. I believe people don’t like it because they don’t understand it, even though they have the ability to understand. Poetry, to me, is the ability to recreate the emotions a human being can feel when a certain event happens to them. If someone breaks my heart (which will never happen) I will say, “I feel sad”, but the truth is sadness can never be expressed within one word. That’s why I believe poetry is an art that is still used today. Any emotion you can feel, sadness, anger, “love”, “happiness”, depression, can all be expressed in some form of poetry. Poetry provides an opportunity to get a rare glimpse into the life of the writer. I, have some works of poetry, and although my works get criticized heavily, there are people who are able to understand it. They may not get it, but they understand it.
                Aside from anger, another emotion that arises from comments made about the art that is poetry is the emotion of frustration. I have a rather short patience when it comes to explanations. I will try to explain my work and people will give me some of the weirdest answers imaginable. I understand that poetry is interpreted differently, but others are so stubborn and don’t want to hear others opinions on the work. I find myself frustrated because these people cannot understand the emotion that has to be put into poetry. For example, there is a poem by the name of No Second Troy by William Butler Yeats and it goes:
Why should I blame her that she filled my days?
With misery, or that she would of late
Have taught to ignorant men most violent ways,
Or hurled the little streets upon the great.
Had they but courage equal to desire?
What could have made her peaceful with a mind?
That nobleness made simple as a fire,
With beauty like a tightened bow, a kind
That is not natural in an age like this,
Being high and solitary and most stern?
Why, what could she have done, being what she is?
Was there another Troy for her to burn?
I will try to explain my opinion and people will simply take it too literally. There’s nothing I hate more than someone who doesn't want to learn or someone who does not want to listen, and with poetry I find myself the most impatient and that’s when I tend to get most unhinged.
                The last emotion I experience when facing an uneducated mind is the feeling of gloom. Not like the emotion where you cry and you begin to actually care for the individual, but the idea that you can’t do anything to save this person because of their inexperience which leads to their ignorance. It’s almost as if you are watching someone blindfolded run around, and you see they are about to crash into a wall, but there isn’t anything you can do about it because they turn out to be deaf. That is how I feel whenever someone tries to talk about poetry when they obviously don’t know anything. I’m not saying I’m some supreme lord that is the only individual who can speak about poetry, but before you want to talk about poetry, please study up on it, that’s all. I have yet to speak to anyone who is as fluent in their poetic knowledge as I am. And it SUCKS.
                To conclude this rather short recreational post, I want to remind all not to be discouraged by what was stated here today. I don’t want people who are barely getting interested in poetry to give up right away, rather, I am encouraging you to try to gain more knowledge and write some poetry yourselves. All the stuff I write is always put on the back corner for one reason or another, but maybe if more people decide to actually step up and get educated in this art no one has to have their art censored. I think that’s one of the ideas I fear the most. I fear the idea of these art forms that have been practiced for thousands of years not being used anymore. I don’t want art to die, rather, I want it to live on, and I hope all of you can understand the same.

Thank you for reading. See you Friday,

Rodolfo Perez