Monday, November 24, 2014

A Personal Story

                Hello everyone and welcome to Me Talking. Today, I have a rather personal story to share. Once, when I was about six. It was October and I was starting my year in 1st grade, and I did not have new shoes. It was around the time Fila’s were the hot item in the sneaker world. I had a pair of sketchers that I treasured for a good two years, but I missed something. I missed the idea of choice. Being able to choose between two or more options was my dream before. Back then it was a choice between shoes, right now it’s about our rights as a “free” people. Anyway, my brothers had the same idea when it came to shoes. The Fila’s were fricking sweet. My parents thought that they were not durable enough because they were suede and the autumn season was approaching which meant rain and snow. I knew this, ladies and gentlemen, but my parents rejecting my idea only strengthened my desire for these shoes. My birthday was coming up, and I hoped, prayed that I would be able to obtain said pair of kicks. I stayed on my best behavior for a while. My birthday came. I was given a present by my parents. It was a large box wrapped in orange and green paper. I held it, holding my breath. Through this thin layer of paper is either the best present I could get, or a bitter disappointment. I opened the box. NINJA TURTLES. CANDY. MONEY. I was surprised. So I didn’t get the shoes, but I got some toys that I had no idea where they were from. I never got into ninja turtles. The candy was good, and I spent the money (twenty) on some more candy. So, yeah, that’s one experience I can remember.

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