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Hello welcome to Me Talking! This blog was originally founded by  Rodolfo Perez on October 13th, 2014 as a revamp on a former project, but after receiving much support from loyal readers, a new base was created. This blog aims to be the voice of the creative, of the injured, and of those who strive for some truth in their lives. There is no one medium to which the creator’s art will be shown on this site, as all content is looked at, and appreciated. In mid-December, Rodolfo partnered with creative group P.E.N.T.C.I. (Pessimistic Existentialists with Nihilist Thoughts and Communist Ideals) to bring more content to the reader. Along with this partnership came the addition of journalist France Mcnair, and artists Andy Gabl, Jessica Cherrington, Ricardo, and Samuel Perez. Beyond those named, there have been a variety of content creators who have made this blog the beacon of hope for artists everywhere.

If interested in contributing to the blog, feel free to e-mail Rodolfo Perez personally with your name and title of the piece as you wish.

E-MAIL: whatsajoliet@gmail.com
Youtube: YOuTube.coaM

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