Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Space Snowman (or Ultima Thule)

Space Snowman (Or Ultima Thule)

By: Rodolfo Perez

A man floats through space.
He’s a man, shaped like two.
Brown, iced, leaning forward,
Looking down at nothing.
He has been beaten to a pulp,
One can see the scars on his face.
There’s a story behind every dent on his rugged skin.
A moment in time he will always carry,
But never feel.
The dents on his skull,
And the lines across his face
 Add a story to his life.
And dimension.
His story is a test of time,
He is hurt,
But he is not broken.
He has no direction,
But he moves on.
Through the void,
And floating evermore,
For a million years more,
Like the million years before.
Floating evermore.
Through the void.
Through the nothingness. 
Never knowing where to go.