Friday, December 21, 2018

Avalanche (Or My Brain Is My Ex) (A Poem)

By: Rodolfo Perez

You once told me you were all I have,
But now you’re gone.
You once told me the world is only good for okay dabs and a decent bottle,
But now you’re gone.
You once showed me you can hate yourself, yet be loved by everyone,
But now you’re just like anyone.
You once showed me things I never knew about myself,
But now you know as much as anyone.
You once taught me the difference between wanting to die, and not wanting to live,
But now you just want to “give, give, give”.
You once agreed when I said changing the world is the key to life,
But now you’re so ready for the nine to five.
You smile,
But not because you’re happy.
You frown,
But not because you’re sad.
You celebrate,
But not because you’re excited.
It’s because you know what would happen,
If you just thought for a moment.
You’d be an avalanche of emptiness.
So, keep on smiling.


Thursday, December 20, 2018

I'm Flying (A Poem)

I’m Flying

By: Rodolfo Perez

I wait. I judge. I live.
Her unbridled interest compliments her gorgeous hazel eyes.
They gleam with awe, and with reservation.
For she is living, after all.
Her heart is like an ocean,
Beautiful, vast, and full of mystery.
Leaving me the desire to explore every meter,
Until I can fully understand the magnificence it has to offer.
She sits on the edge of her seat,
Listening to what the world has to offer.
She’s a jellyfish in her grace,
But a shark in her mind.
She can care as a mother does for a child,
But can charge as a bull does towards a matador.
Oh, how she intrigues me so.
Nothing could ever ruin this.
Nothing could ever ruin this.
Nothing could ever ruin this.
“What if she doesn’t like you?”
“What if you’re reading the signs wrong?”
“Why would she like you?”
“Rumor has it she likes some other boy.”
“You really think you have a chance?”
As a baby bird looks over the nest before its first dive,
I hesitate.
Uncertain of whether I will fall or fly,
I cry.
No one around to push,
For I have to push myself,
But one thing is clear.
No matter how much I cry,
Or hurt,
Or die,
I can never say I didn’t try.
I can never say I didn’t try.
I can never say I didn’t try.
I jump.
And I’m happy I did.


Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Leaves Leaving (A Poem)

Leaves Leaving
By: Rodolfo Perez

You lift your lungs far above the sky,
And twirl so gently, a silent cry.
There is beauty in your cold breath.
As it gives me such comfort,
I must confess.
Your warm trios or red, yellow and orange,
Keep me company from the cold, faded, core bench.
I feel your embrace every fortnight,
And I only hope,
You can feel mine too.
I love you autumn,
Even when you’re dying.