Tuesday, November 11, 2014

School, Consumer, and Censorship

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                Hello everyone and welcome to Me Talking, As you all know I am in school right now (although today is veterans day so we got the day off). I go to a public school with a lot of people I don’t understand. I like to consider myself to be a rather creative person. Now, I’m not talking about those people who make simple things difficult, but rather I’m learning to recognize, create, and release to a degree I feel most comfortable with. With that being said, I have noticed that this school system, which has a uniform way of dealing with the curriculum, in a way kills creativity. Before we enter school, our minds are still exploring this new world in front of us, then we get thrown into a building for eight hours a day only to come home tired and frustrated. I understand in college where you’re not cooped up inside a building all day, but this modern education system drains you. I knew these “artists” in grade and middle school (really, they were just good at drawing, but creative nonetheless) that were just tired by the time they entered high school and all they really looked forward to in school was going home. No one is like me. No one wants to write on their own time. No one wants to learn outside of school. No one wants to create anymore, rather, they want everything done already. I think that’s one of the reasons why people blindly follow celebrities so much or they go with whatever media tell them. That’s what causes ignorance, and, to me at least, that is why the younger people of the United States have such materialistic views for the most part. And if someone, like me for example, wants to speak differently, I get censored. People don’t want to think anymore. All I’ve been seeing is five, ten topics being talked about quickly with basically no thought. I hate being disregarded as a crazy person simply because I may not be a raging consumerist like the people at my school or in my community. I’ll continue this later. I’m sure that you, the reader, thinks I’m crazy as well. 

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