Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Dr. Love

Dr. Love (or How I Learned to Stop Wallowing and Write Poetry)
By: Rodolfo Perez

Love is (sometimes) patient,
Love is (sometimes) kind,
And sometimes, love is a needle in the eye,
Or a kick to the groin.

It is a cliff-hanger,
With your mother waiting to catch you,
When you let go.

It is losing your voice,
From crying into your pillow.

It is realizing you’re sometimes going to be Dr. Evil.

It is giving someone your heart,
When you know,

I know,
You know,
It is my mind you truly want.

Yes, love is (sometimes) patient,
Love is (sometimes) kind,
And love will always be alive,
Even when it isn’t.


  1. I appreciate how you define love as something that is ubiquitous rather than view it only through a romantic lens as many do. I really do agree that it is something that can also be found in our frustrations and our fears and so on. However--while I think I may be misinterpreting this--I don't see how "it is realizing you're always going to be Dr. Evil". While I think love does help show that you are not a perfect person, I don't believe that makes you always a bad (or evil) person...

    1. I think he means to say he'll always be seen as the bad guy, if you've read any of his other works you'd know he doesn't think of himself as a bad guy at all lol

    2. But--at least in my own interpretation--for someone to see you always as the bad guy is a major disqualifier for being in love. It's rather about seeing the flaws in the person and still being able to see them as a good person, not "Dr. Evil". (Also, this is not attack in any way on "Rudy Tabooty"--I'm sure he's a great person! :) )

    3. Well obviously you have never read any Sartre or Slovak's philosophies on the line between love and hate, as it is a thin one. I highly recommend it, otherwise you will be very confused as to what the artist is trying to say, as you apparently seem to be.

    4. Hm, I have not been educated on their works. It sounds quite tragic, though, that one would view the feelings of love and hate so closely. While I can see how they both represent the extremities of emotion, I fail to understand how their definitions can be closely related. The way I see it, they are mutually exclusive; in order to wholly hate, one cannot have love and to wholly love, one cannot have hate. Nonetheless, I am not one for Interweb bickering. Thank you for the thoughtful conversation, Richie. Cheers! :)

  2. He is blaming himself for being the bad guy, someone has to be, right?