Friday, December 21, 2018

Avalanche (Or My Brain Is My Ex) (A Poem)

By: Rodolfo Perez

You once told me you were all I have,
But now you’re gone.
You once told me the world is only good for okay dabs and a decent bottle,
But now you’re gone.
You once showed me you can hate yourself, yet be loved by everyone,
But now you’re just like anyone.
You once showed me things I never knew about myself,
But now you know as much as anyone.
You once taught me the difference between wanting to die, and not wanting to live,
But now you just want to “give, give, give”.
You once agreed when I said changing the world is the key to life,
But now you’re so ready for the nine to five.
You smile,
But not because you’re happy.
You frown,
But not because you’re sad.
You celebrate,
But not because you’re excited.
It’s because you know what would happen,
If you just thought for a moment.
You’d be an avalanche of emptiness.
So, keep on smiling.


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