Friday, November 9, 2018


I’ve never really been good at giving updates on what’s going on in my life. I guess I sort of get lost in the moment, and because of that, I tend to forget to let people know how my actual life is going. With that being said, if I’m to give an update on how my life has been going, I think it’s been pretty balanced! I have my good days, my bad days, and some days where I don’t really know what to label it as. School is going pretty well, I just hope I can hang on until the end of finals. Only four more weeks in the semester. That’s what I keep telling myself. In terms of the projects I’m working on, as a way to say thanks for putting up with me, expect some poetry I’ve been writing to be up within the next week or so! I hope you all enjoy it, I’ve worked really hard in encompassing the emotion in my writing, and really want to give you some insight into how my brain works, and how I see the day to day world.
            On another note, I HAVE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, I, a moderately young, but completely worn out individual have started up a channel on this new website I just discovered called YouTube. It’s a weird site where there are videos of cats, music, shootouts, and these people called video bloggers (or “vloggers” as I like to call them) where apparently, we’re supposed to enjoy watching them live their lives. I think this project will add another layer to the growing curiosity and pains we all endure in our lives.
            If you want to check it out (which I hope all you loyal readers want to do) click HERE or check out the link in the “About This Blog” tab. I am looking forward to this new project I want to get up and running, I think it’ll be fun for both of us.
            That’s about all I have for you all tonight. I have a performance in a play later today. I know I know, I should’ve told you all, but I figured I would wait until I was going to fully go through with this. I play Watson in the Sherlock Holmes story “Hound of The Baskervilles”. I think it’s been going alright, but a part of me just wants it to be over. Expect photos soon!

            As always, with most of these updates I give, I want to thank each and every one of you readers out there who take the time to read what I have to say. I have some milestones in mind in regard to growing this “fanbase”, but I figured we try to keep this as organic as possible. That being said, I appreciate you all, and I hope you are all doing great, if not better than me! Expect more from me soon.

Rodolfo Perez
One of You


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