Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Hello everyone and welcome to yet another edition of Me Talking. To be brief with you guys, I am busy, and not in the good way. I love being busy as long it’s with things I like to do, but what I’m doing right now leaves me tired, pissed off, and isolated. For one, I am very behind on my math. Like, REALLY behind. So, I have to catch up with that. I have an AP exam this Friday which I am “thrilled” for, a test college algebra test on Tuesday, and one on Wednesday, a French exam on Friday and a Physics test on Thursday or Friday. Besides that I have clubs, meetings, exercise oh and let’s not forget, the up and coming finals. *sigh* well, I guess I enjoy most of the clubs I go to, and it’s not like my AP teacher taught me much. People keep telling me “you’ll survive” and “Just go with the flow” but I just cannot afford to do that right now. So I write about it, here with you guys reading, and I thank you for that. Oh well, in the future I’ll probably read this post (assuming the world doesn’t collapse leaving me with a total waste of my time) and see how critical these tests I am going to take were in the long run. So, I will continue to study, look over my notes, and try to make the best of it while keeping the best of intentions in my heart. Anyways, I got my first two comments some time ago, which is pretty cool. I get some E-mails from you guys asking certain questions, telling me to do or say something on this blog, or my personal favorite, telling me to post your work. I promise, for any of you who are waiting to see your work on this blog, your day is coming soon, just give me some time. Besides that, expect some new stuff sometime soon. Hope to see you guys around. Thanks for tuning in and have a great day.


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