Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A Poem

Thoughts during a Study Break
By: Rodolfo Perez

The cold, brisk air fills my lungs,
And I find its chilly essence so refreshing.
Much better than the warm, stale kind I was breathing,
Just a few moments ago.
I stand, facing the main residence hall,
The lights on in most rooms.
Rooms filled with minds,
Some great, others mediocre,
All worried about one thing.
I too, worry about the same.
The Future.
Suddenly, the air is not so refreshing, and my brow begins to twitch.
My long, relaxed breathing is now torpid,
And tired.
I do the one activity I was supposed to be taking a break from.
My brow is now not the only thing twitching,
And although I am out in the open,
I suddenly feel trapped.
I close my eyes, in an effort to clear my mind,
But it’s too late.
I am aware once again.
I turn back to face the library, and I make my way back to my study-place.
Another break over.

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