Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Coffee With My Mother

  This is an interview that took place with my Mother.                                                       

                                                             Coffee with my Mother
The following interview took place on the morning of January 24, 2015. The views and opinions expressed in the following are not meant to hurt anyone’s views and/or opinions.

Q: Why did you come here?

A: Well, (adjusts seat) I had the majority of my immediate family here in the United States, so I found it fitting that I come here to be with them in order to (pause) grow up with the people I am closest to.(takes sip of coffee) Many people have this idea of going to the United States in search of a better salary, better house, whatever it may be, but I came here to spend time with my family and to grow up around them. I was doing fine great in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.
Q: You were born and raised in San Luis Potosi?

A: Correct. I grew up in a rather urban environment. (Takes sip) I mean, many of my family were these quote on quote “city kids”.
Q: How old were you when you came to the United States?

A: I was 13. Seems like yesterday.

Q: Do you like being here?

A: To an extent.

Q: Would you care to elaborate?

A: No.

Q: Any issues upon arriving?

A: I believe the biggest issue was the language. Once I learned the language, things became much easier in terms of understanding the customs.
Q: Do you want to go back?

A: Well (chuckle) we go every other year, but there are times where I wish I could go back. Life was somewhat simple over in San Luis. Here, in the U.S, you are judged by everyone by anything from where you live to where you shop for groceries.
Q: So, in San Luis, those things didn’t matter?

A: Here, people make their own lives difficult. I’m not saying you have to forget about what you wear, just wear what’s comfortable. Something with good quality and something YOU like, not just because of the price tag.

Q: Regrets on living here?

A: I regret choosing this place (motions hand in a surrounding way) to settle. I mean, when it comes to finding a job, I was willing to take whatever I could find (takes sip of coffee).

Q: How were you treated upon arrival?

A: (Laugh) well, it was (pause) interesting. Most immigrants speak about discrimination by only whites or the majority of discrimination was done by a majority. I WAS DICRIMMINATED BY MINORITIES! ME! Treated badly by these Mexican immigrants who had been living here slightly longer than I have! I lived in a part of town where it was populated primarily by blacks, and they ended up being more discriminatory than the whites! I heard stories from some of my co-workers saying the white man was the one to be against, but there is hate within their own racial group! I was appalled and so embarrassed that these Chicanos thought they were better than me simply because they have been living in the United States longer than I have. The worst part is it’s STILL going on! That’s the sad part (takes sip of coffee).

Q: How did your personality change upon arriving in the United States?

A: I haven’t changed, do you think I have? I believe if you are strong in your culture and know what you are dealing with, you don’t need to change.
Q: You finished your education correct?

A: Yes. I graduated high school here and I graduated from beauty school in San Luis Potosi.

Q: What’s the worst thing about living here?

A: The consumerist culture the U.S surrounds itself with.

Q: What do you mean?

A: What many people don’t notice is that we live in a society that has a materialistic point of view. To these people, it’s not about what they have, it’s about what YOU have, and if you have something different, they want it. It’s not about the need anymore it’s all about the WANT. Did you know there’s this app called “I’m rich”, it costs $10,000 and it does nothing? Worst thing is, people have bought it! I hate that! Another example is this whole idea of brand. Why buy brand name cereal when it tastes the same as the other stuff? I just can’t understand that. And all that “the brand name stuff is just better” that’s just a bunch of BS. To me, all this commercialism dumbs you down. I feel that it’s all about what everyone else is doing. It’s time for people to start worrying about what THEY are doing, not what everyone else is doing!
Q:  What advice could you give to the people who will be reading this?

A:  Don’t do something just because you can. Those who do things without reason, live without reason.
Q: Any other comments?

A: I want you to keep this interview raw. (Finishes coffee) there’s enough censorship in this world. I hope you, and your readers can understand that.

Personal thanks to my loving Mother. Don’t forget to read and share.


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