Saturday, October 18, 2014

Q & As are overrated

      Welcome to Me Talking. A few days ago I asked you guys to send in your questions so that I could answer them. If you have a question for me just shoot me an e-mail, or you can tweet me. From the questions you guys sent me, I chose 10 of the most entertaining ones that I can see the majority of you guys wondering yourselves. Because the people who questioned didn't put if they wanted their name to be shown or not, I will keep their identities anonymous, but if  you send your question and want it to be anonymous, please mention it in the e-mail. Without further adieu, I present the first Q & A of this blog.

Question 1: Why did you name your first post "Genesis"?

Answer: The definition of genesis is the origin or formation of something. With that being said, the name of the first post should be "Genesis". I don't mean for it to be related in anyway with the first book of the bible.

Question 2: Why do you put random pictures at the end of each post?

Answer: I don't think they are random. There is a reason behind every picture I put at the end of each post, you just have to find it. I hate it when people think there is no meaning behind any aspect of my work when there is. So please, just assume I put meaning behind every piece of content I create without unless I say otherwise.

Question 3: Why do you drink so much coffee? Love the blog btw :)

Answer: I only mentioned drinking coffee like twice in the whole blog. I like coffee because it's such a simple concept yet you can manipulate it so that the no twp cups ever taste the same. I know I probably look to much into the whole idea, but to me coffee is such an individual drink. That, and it tastes pretty damn good too! Thank you for the kind words.

Question 4: Why does your writing style suck soo much?

Answer: I honestly don't know. Maybe because I'm just so good at writing that....I'm....bad at it?

Question 5:Why are you in Joliet and not in Chicago? Isn't Chicago so much better?

Answer: I still live with my family it's not like I am living alone right now. From what my Mother tells me, the jobs were here when her Father came to the US so she settled here, which led to my Father coming here, so they both just settled in Joliet. I would have chosen to reside in Chicago, but I obviously didn't have say at the time. I may move to Chicago when I get into college, but I may stay here I don't know. I feel that it all depends where you live in Chicago in terms of how much better Chicago is to Joliet.

Question 6: Is this your first time blogging?

Answer: I attempted to blog a couple of years ago and failed miserably. Just recently I thought I should go back into it because I now have the experiences and the mindset to share my perspective and give a piece of my perspective to anyone who reads. Of course, I'll release a few recreational posts here and there because I want to release them, not because anyone tells me to.

Question 7: You mentioned music projects, and other writings, what do you mean?

Answer: I am currently working on several projects right now and I'm becoming more cultured and am gaining more knowledge as time moves on. I have been working on some music projects for some time now and am currently coming up with some narratives. I don't want to give too much away, but when I finish, I'll keep everyone posted on the progress of those projects. I have noticed that too many people get labeled too fast and I plan on avoiding those labels, which is why I keep those projects behind the curtain until they are completed.

Question 8: Are you going to post daily?

Answer: I will try to post everyday, but I usually will tweet or put a little post out saying otherwise. With that being said, make sure you are connected by other means besides this blog. I have my social info below where you can be one of the first people to get news on this blog or just to see the other side of this blog. To my readers who came from the link on twitter, I apologize for all the tweets about this blog, but you gotta keep people up to date.

Question 9: Do you usually eat cereal after posting?

Answer: No. As a matter a fact, I hardly have any cereal in my house at all. I don't believe in cereal. I like eating full meals, so I will hardly ever eat any cereal. I know that's weird, but there's nothing anyone can do about it.

Question 10: Are you going to do more Q&A's?

Answer: I plan to as long as you guys continue to ask questions. I don't plan on doing Q & As very often. I want to put content out before anything, that's all I can say.

I truly appreciate the support on this blog, and I hope I can continue to put out my experiences and my lessons of thoughts for may days to come. Below you will find the picture I know you guys will like. Please answer the poll on the side. At the bottom of this page you find some of the tracks I like this week, they will change at the end of each week so if you want to listen to them feel free to. Before I leave, I hope you guys can tell your friends so we can reach a higher level of readers so that we don't have to be individuals on this blog. Lets make this blog stand tall! I will see you all soon.


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