Monday, August 29, 2016

A Thought In Requiem

A Thought in Requiem

By: Rodolfo Perez

Self-destruction was no longer a choice, but an obligation.

It was an unspoken responsibility. It brought salvation.

Too many times I have sat and watched.

Sat and suffered.

I sat as the faces around me became rougher.

I could no longer recognize them.

These people I once thought I found comfort with.

But that thought is in requiem.

The days we spent indulging in the short but boundless luxuries,

It all disgusted me.

Often, I like to look back, and wonder.

I wonder if they remember who I was.

I wonder if they wonder why I don’t carry a face like theirs.

I wonder if they wonder if I wonder who I am now,

But they won’t know.

For I’m gone now.

The thought of me is in requiem as well,

As my thoughts of them are.



  1. Finally! A good comeback work. Well done!

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