Thursday, May 19, 2016

Afternoon in Alicante

“Afternoon in Alicante”

By: Rodolfo Perez



The dying breath of winter goes down into a harsh whisper.

I look over the cracked rooftops of the Spanish homes,

Damaged over the years, but still attractive, and fine-looking

As many people in life are.

The sun is over my head, as many aspects of life once were.

I once yearned to discover something new every waking moment,


Now I desire to forget some things.

I long to forget the dreadful endings to otherwise astounding moments

In the life of a man like me.

There is a hoary vase that’s filled with new lavender hydrangeas and daisies that blossomed

Just a few days ago.

Life is very much like the vase that sits there.

We age and darken like the vase,

But the flowers that are our thoughts are forever changing,

And persistently beautiful.



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