Thursday, September 3, 2015

Riverbank flower (Or understanding life by a bank)

Riverbank Flower (Or understanding life by a bank)
By: Rodolfo Perez
What say you, sweet riverbank flower?
Should you be left to die where you were first planted by the wind?
Or would you rather be preserved in a book to be remembered as a page number?
Tell me, sweet riverbank flower, what stories do you carry with you?
Do you enjoy being alone, surrounded by beauty?
I too am like you, riverbank flower.
I too am burdened by placement of where I was planted,
Only to be silenced by the water as it makes its way down to join the lake.
I suppose the river may flood one unfortunate day, don’t you think so sweet riverbank flower?
And you too will join the lake,
With the rest of the now unsweetened riverbank flowers.


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