Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day (UPDATE #12)

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Me Talking. Well, the hallmark holiday known as Mother’s Day has just passed, and because of that, I observed a few things that were abundantly clear as the holiday made its yearly turn:
    1)      People are weird at expressing their love for their mothers.
    2)      Actions speak louder than words.
I mean, I know you love your mother, but do you really have to announce it to the world on social media. I’m sorry to say that even my blog was targeted for such abuse. A man, let’s call him…oh shall his name be… Gumby. Yes, so Gumby E-mailed me requesting for me to give him a shout out on this blog, and after I denied him he began to send me E-mail after E-mail wanting to know why. I asked if his mother read this blog, and he replied no. See, I’ve always wanted to give my mother a shout out on her favorite radio station or even a happy birthday on her Facebook wall, but my mother does not listen to radio or have a Facebook so why would I? That’s why you won’t find me giving shout outs to just random people, except for Jeremy, but he died so that was an exception. My family doesn’t read this blog, they don’t even support me in doing this blog so why should I be spurting out admiration for these people to people who have never met them? I appreciate my mother as I’m sure all of us do, but that doesn’t mean we have to tell EVERYONE about it. I’m sure you guys understand. Anyways, on to Father’s Day, which surprisingly doesn’t get as much praise and hype as Mother’s Day.

NOTE: So sorry guys for having a fucked up schedule in terms of content release. Besides the E-mails from Gumby, I understand that the past few posts have not been as long or “not my best work” as one of you put it. But don’t worry, one aspect of this blog is improving my skill and making better and better content. Again, I know you guys understand.

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