Monday, April 13, 2015


                Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Me Talking. I have to be frank, I never liked small parties all that much. As Fitzgerald once wrote, “I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy.”, and I believe him. Although I am a strong believer in this, I always asked for a small gathering when an event such as my birthday or Christmas would roll around. Perhaps it was because I lacked the adoration towards my extended family as much as I should have, or maybe because of my laziness. I mean, let’s be honest, less people usually means less of a mess afterwards, and usually, a large party meant a large host when it comes to elements such as food and drink. But there is something Fitzgerald never mentioned: In the social event that is a party, a whole aspect of life, whether it be love or age, can pass as if a party is a time machine, and the more people show up, the faster through time you go. I get out of my bed to dress. I decide to wear a won heavy denim jacket over an obsidian thermal from India. The thermal compliments my tanned straight legs quite well as I put on a pair of black and white canvas sneakers. I look at my clock sits by my bed and see that I have some time to spare before I go. I go down the stairs to join my siblings who are all in the family room, watching a movie. I sit with them. The film playing is a black and white film by Kubrick. I sit and watch for a while. I stand and go to my kitchen to check the time. I have about 20 or so minutes before I get picked up, or at least I thought so before my phone rings. I answer and it is my cabbie for the night. He has arrived and is waiting for me outside. When arriving at the party I meet many people I have never met before. People from schools I have never been to. I may speak about something that I am too old or too young for. I may find someone I find attractive, but by the end of the night we all just go home. That’s sort of what I mean when I say a whole life can pass by at a large party, because it really does. By the end of the night, when I’m at home, there is a chance I can come home a little bit older, a little more pessimistic, and a little wiser. There’s just something a little depressing about being involved in a large social event. It’s almost as if your presence may be recognized, but the chances of you being the life of the party are so minuscule. You are there, but it’s almost like you have the ability to watch these people from all walks of life converge and your are able to see the true nature of these people as the night progresses.

"Soiree" By: Jake Carran 


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